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Heidi fever has broken out
Heidi fever has broken out

Who hasn't dreamed of it? Go to a cool party and get a stylish outfit? For 10 WOMAN readers and their companions, this dream came true - they were the winners of our WOMAN-loves campaign powered by Lidl Austria!

The Heidi fever has broken out
The Heidi fever has broken out

At the WOMAN fashion event for Lidl Austria on September 6th, the lucky ladies had the opportunity to exclusively get to know the breathtaking new fashion collection "Esmara by Heidi Klum" - before the actual launch on September 18th.


For her brand new fashion project, Heidi was inspired by her own fashion preferences and created a clothing line with a WOW effect. Everyone should be able to enjoy fashion, feel good and attractive and have just as much fun with their collection as the designer herself. Our winners were personally convinced of this. The showroom could be browsed, tried and tasted to your heart's content. But the best thing: everyone was allowed to take their favorite outfit home with them for free.

The choice was difficult. Leo blazers and delicate tops, bomber jackets and super skinny jeans, fine lace and rock leather, bright blue and warm cognac - the winners were often spoiled for choice. Michaela H. was very impressed by the crowd at the event. "A great idea to design such a line. The black leather jacket in particular is my personal favorite!"


Picture gallery

There are more photos from the WOMAN fashion event for Lidl Austria here.

While for some, the leopard collection stood out in particular. Julia W says: “I love the leopard coat. I'm pleasantly surprised at how great it feels and how well it fits!”Some of them came from the west of Austria to see the New York chic of the collection for themselves. Claudia B. from Freilassing: “I love a casual collection, especially the jeans and shirts - a cool event. You have to experience it! "And even men insisted on choosing a piece for themselves from the new collection, as did Mario P.:" There really is something for everyone, even for me. I love the black sweater !"

WOMAN loves

Speaking of favorite parts: The best parts of the collection were also voted on.

Here we reveal them with a big drum roll:

1. Stylish leopard print coat

2. Super skinny stretch jeans

3. Casual jumpsuit

4. Classic pumps


Pure star feeling

Those who put their outfit together then went to the tried and tested hands of the WOMAN stylists to get the finishing touches. With cool hair and make-up, the winners then went to the shooting area to really put themselves in the limelight. As a thank you, you got your own photo as a WOMAN cover to take away. One thing was certain for everyone at this event: the design and quality of the hot fashion items are more than convincing. Just like Heidi, this collection exudes joie de vivre, self-confidence and lets you go through life with a good feeling. #LETSWOW

It will start soon

Have a pen ready now, because the new "Esmara by Heidi Klum" collection will also be available in your Lidl Austria store from September 18th. The best thing to do now is to enter the date in the calendar with a red pencil.

Dzeni - vlogger from Vienna - about the new fashion line from Lidl Austria


WOMAN: How do you like the new "Esmara by Heidi Klum" collection?

Dzeni: Just very good. I can only congratulate Heidi Klum and Lidl. You can literally feel the positive charisma from Heidi. A cool idea to start a collection with such a refreshing personality.

WOMAN: What is the special highlight for you?

Dzeni: The fabrics used are comfortable to wear. I love the skirts, they are not only absolutely outstanding, but also comfortable. And most importantly: you don't see a design like this everywhere.

WOMAN: Which parts are your personal favorites?

Dzeni: I like the black coat very much, as well as the blue dress. This one has a nice cut. And I think the shoes are just great. I can't wait to do it.

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