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Frederick Lau, are you unable to relate?
Frederick Lau, are you unable to relate?

In his new film, Frederick Lau plays a love-hungry guy with attachment problems. In his private life, the father of three has long since settled down after a few escapades. Or not?

actor, acting school, frederick lau, warner bros, film, film star,
actor, acting school, frederick lau, warner bros, film, film star,

Frederick Lau sits relaxed in the living room of his house in Berlin. He is one of the most successful actors in German-speaking countries. The fact that his three children, Lieselotta, 7, Baz Barne, 5, and Bruno Charles, 2, are romping around the house in the background doesn't bother him. Only once does he call out to them during our zoom talk: "Can you please be quieter!"

The 31-year-old has been a full-time dad again for a few days. Before that he was in Vienna for filming: "What a dream city. I'm looking for a small apartment there now." At the moment, however, he enjoys spending time with his family and is a househusband. Because his wife, Annika Lau, 42, is moderating the SAT1 breakfast television again after her maternity leave: "It works great." Unsure about love, as in his current film "Generation Incapable of Relationship" (theatrical release: July 29th, you can see the trailer here), in which, as Tim, he switches from woman to woman without obligation, he doesn't seem to be …

“Differences attract. To be the same can be exhausting."

WOMAN: You once said to fully accept the character you are playing for a period of time. Was that also the case with "Incapable of relationships"? I only think of your wife …

LAU: (laughs) We shot in Cologne and I live in Berlin. As a result, my wife Annika was spared various escapades after the shooting ended. But no, it wasn't that bad, of course we were also very concentrated at work. And look at me now: I'm sitting here with a glass of water and cherries.

So no more excesses? You were a rebel at the age of 15 and sprayed "Fuck the system" on walls, and moved out of your home when you were 16

LAU: What is excessive anyway? Basically, I do everything extreme. When I'm in a role, I work it out, I accept it completely. Even when I'm at home, I'm excessive. Now I'm tinkering with the house. And I'll go through with that until it's done.

How hard was it for you to get committed?

LAU:You can feel when you have found the right partner. It was like that with my wife and me. We saw each other and immediately decided not to lose sight of each other. I was in love with shock. And we are still very happy with what we say to each other almost every day. In this respect, I have no problems being with her quickly. Of course I travel a lot. But that means you have a lot to tell each other, and the most important thing is that you continue to experience adventures together and discover new things. It never gets boring.

frederick lau, annika lau, generation unable to relate, film, berlin, vienna, german film award,
frederick lau, annika lau, generation unable to relate, film, berlin, vienna, german film award,

Could you be with a woman who is like you?

LAU: Good question. I think differences attract. Being the same can be exhausting. To each his own. For me, diversity is more exciting because you never stop learning, you always learn something new. It is important to appreciate each other's idiosyncrasies.

How do you feel about online dating portals? Have you already been active yourself?

LAU: No, I'm not represented there, I'm more of a classic fanatic. When you get to know someone in reality, you immediately feel a different energy. At Tinder and Co. there is also a lot of facade. But that's good for the youth and many of my friends. As long as it makes you happy …

You once said: "Without my wife, I would have made many wrong decisions." From today's perspective, which would have been the worst?

LAU: It's more about the fact that I didn't make a lot of decisions at all. How about having children. My wife always lets me do it, encourages me. For example, big decisions are incredibly easy for me, but small ones are not at all. Then it's good to have someone by your side who does that a bit for you, because you worry too much on your own.

Does attachment always have something to do with a loss of freedom?

LAU:With children, yes. You are never alone in your head again, you think about them all the time, you are responsible for them, you support them. But it's nice to take care of the family with self-sacrifice. You find your roots in this.

Why is it worth getting involved in love?

LAU: I am someone who loves sharing. From emotions to adventure. On the other hand, I can't give any tips for happiness, but I believe that love also means being lucky. When I wake up in the morning and see my wife next to me, I am happy.

What do you not want to experience with your children, what you yourself delivered in your youth?

LAU:They shouldn't be out and about so much at night. No, kidding aside. They'll do that anyway. One can only have one's own experiences. External opinion hardly helps. I remember the first lovesickness. You think the world is going to end, and the environment says it will pass. But you don't believe it. If you don't experience something yourself, you don't understand it. I tried a lot and checked later: Okay, the old people were right in their warning.

Relationships are not only lived in partnership, but also in friendships. When are you a good friend?

LAU:First and foremost, one has to be loyal. What I can't stand is resentment. When a person works hard on himself, I totally support that and I am happy for him. I expect the same from others towards myself. This elbow society should stop. But unfortunately that has a lot to do with our culture.

Can those around you count on you?

LAU: Oh yes, and how! I am extremely loyal. And take everyone as they are. With all flaws, whether in a bad or in a good mood, whether he is up or down in life. My friends can do what they want. I'm here for you.

Here you can see a few more scenes from the film shoot. And now off to the cinema!

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