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Marina Hoermanseder: "We live in a time when everything is allowed!"
Marina Hoermanseder: "We live in a time when everything is allowed!"

The Austrian designer presented her new collection with Palmers. She tells us why it doesn't matter whether we have gained 4 kilos and why she hopes we never "made it".

marina hoermanseder, palmers, lego, kylie jenner, body, body positivity, berlin, vienna, design, fashion, international, love,
marina hoermanseder, palmers, lego, kylie jenner, body, body positivity, berlin, vienna, design, fashion, international, love,

Her extraordinary creations have become an indispensable part of the fashion industry. She has remained loyal to her signature piece, the buckle, for years. Your designs are fancy, spray with pop culture and stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Rita Ora also love them. Nicki Minaj even wore one of her legendary vase dresses in a music video, Kylie Jenner is shown with her Leo cowboy hat on an eyeshadow palette from Kylie Cosmetics. And their numerous collaborations range from well-known companies such as Buffalo and Lego to the Austrian underwear giant Palmers.

The newest, and meanwhile third, Marina Hoermanseder x Palmer collection was presented on Thursday. The Viennese, who lives in Berlin, was of course in her hometown for the occasion. We took this opportunity - and asked you for an interview. She talks to WOMAN about why EVERY woman should dare To wear lingerie as everyday outfits, how she deals with hate on the net and why she never wants to "make it".

WOMAN: Your collection with Palmers is entering the next round. Where is the focus this time?

HOERMANSEDER: We wanted to bring out underwear that you can wear to the office or that you can style for going out. And we still like to be at home a lot - that's why there are a few cozy looks again. The glitter fabric is brand new. And as always: buckles everywhere. It's not new (laughs).

How was the design process? What do you have to consider when designing underwear?

HOERMANSEDER: The good thing is that at Palmers we have so many professionals by our side, it is always pretty easy to see what is possible. For example, at the beginning I sent a special material where Palmers said at the beginning: "It can't work!" Nevertheless, the great team made it and in the end it turned out to be a bralette. I think the biggest challenge was making the buckles easy to care for.

The outfits that are created around your lingerie are usually very sexy. What is your advice to women who don't dare to wear this? They say "Oh God, I'm showing too much skin" or "I don't have the right figure"?

HOERMANSEDER: For example, the way I am wearing it right now. You can also wear something underneath. Or you get the body, you don't show so much skin.


And because you say "What do they do who don't dare?" - That's what female empowerment is all about! EVERYONE should dare EVERYONE should find it beautiful, no matter how anyone else thinks it. We are in a time when everything is allowed. Nobody should think about it and say "Oh no, I gained four kilos during Corona …" It doesn't matter! You should just wear what you are good at. Nobody cares. It's about an attitude to life and nothing else.

What about the size range?

HOERMANSEDER: Generally it goes up to 85D. But the secret - especially with the body - actually lies in the construction. That's the great thing about him. Because we use extremely stretchy tips, it doesn't matter. It adapts to the body. Maybe it's not worth mentioning - but we made a conscious decision to use a curvy model for the shoot. We wanted the women out there to walk past the poster and think, "Cool, I can wear this too!"


What is your favorite piece from the collection?

HOERMANSEDER: I like the bralette - the longliner - best. You can wear it with anything. And the glitter underwear!

Comfortable or sexy?

HOERMANSEDER: Both! The materials allow it.

This trend of integrating lingerie into everyday outfits remains the?

HOERMANSEDER: This innerwear = outerwear is a trend that will continue. It goes the other way too. There is a quote from Karl Lagerfeld: "Anyone who wears jogging pants has lost control of their life."

We all have that

HOERMANSEDER: Yes, that's right. (laughs) Just as sweatpants have become socially acceptable, we now wear underwear outside on the street. And I think that's what it's all about these days. There are just no more rules. It used to be said that you can't wear blue to black and things like that. This is what you see most of the time at Gucci. They intentionally combine things that don't actually go together.

How are you doing designing? Do you sometimes have the feeling that you can't think of anything because everything is already there?

HOERMANSEDER: I think so after every collection. (laughs) Now it's over, I don't have any more ideas. But my job is to develop myself further. It would be much harder for me to edit Excel spreadsheets every day. That's why I take this Challenge, to reinvent myself over and over again.

At the Palmers event - your mom, your dad, your husband and baby Lotti were there too. What does that mean for you when they come to such an event?

HOERMANSEDER: We did an event a year ago, my mother wasn't there, and neither was Paul. And Lotti already existed, but she wasn't there either. Seeing everyone so exuberantly yesterday, including Lotti - it was their first event - means a lot to me. And also that Palmers is involved in this kind of female empowerment for me. It is perfectly okay for everyone that Lotti is there and cries at the back of the speech. I don't think it would have happened before, but now it's a natural part of this partnership. I think that's nice. I realize that now that I'm a mother nothing has changed. I'm the same part of the team, of society - I'm the same person. And everyone should understand that: that we women can go on exactly the same way.

You are also very active on Instagram - you share a lot of professional, but also a lot of private. How do you deal with receiving hate messages?

HOERMANSEDER: There was that one moment when I got a shit storm after an episode of Germany's Next Top Model (note: she regularly appears there as a guest judge). That was hardcore. For me it shows what is happening to our society through social media. If you present yourself publicly, you have to expect that you offer a certain surface area for attack. But I can say, except for this one time, I got off really well. And the good thing is: when I am criticized, I am someone who will openly address it. As soon as I do that, I realize what a strong community I actually have. Who rears up behind me, forms a huge army and says "No, not like that!" After this shitstorm, my father said to me "Marina, fame and calm are usually not friends." And that's probably true.

Although it's a shame. That you "have to" live with it just because you are in public

HOERMANSEDER: Yes, but who else should you criticize? Nevertheless, I am in favor of regulating social media. The Internet must no longer be under the guise of anonymity. I think people who show themselves in public are also those who can deal with it. I tend to feel sorry when I think to myself: "Are these the children of tomorrow who will sit in school with my daughter?"

Finally, a more positive question: Rita Ora, Katy Perry wear your creations and who else do I know. When was the moment when you thought "I did it!"?

HOERMANSEDER: I am still waiting for this moment. I'm still working hard towards it. I'll probably take this saying with me to the grave. Hopefully! Because then it means that it went on and on. (laughs)

But are you celebrating successes?

HOERMANSEDER: Clear. But the moment when you've made it is perhaps also the moment when you could believe you can rest. I don't want this moment at all. For me, the journey is the goal. You're talking about these huge stars now, but I'm thinking of the singer Blümchen, for example. When I was twelve I had posters of her everywhere in the room, she was an absolute icon to me, and that is now someone who carries my cause. Had someone told my twelve-year-old me that, I would not have believed it. Or Palmers. It was the first underwear my mother bought me. Back then I would never have dreamed that something of me would be hanging right there. And these are exactly those moments along the way that are worth going on and never made it.

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