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Our 8 weeks with Lumea
Our 8 weeks with Lumea

300 WOMAN readers tested Philips Lumea.

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Up to 8 weeks of silky smooth skin - thanks to IPL technology
Up to 8 weeks of silky smooth skin - thanks to IPL technology

Philips Lumea. The gentle but effective light pulses of the device prevent hair regrowth and ensure long-lasting smooth skin. As always, WOMAN readers wanted to know exactly. How effective works Philips Lumea? How gentle is the application?

When will you see the first results?
300 WOMAN readers tested Philips Lumea. You have put the device with IPL technology to the test for 8 weeks. Readers of different hair and skin types enjoyed the brilliant results.


Philips Lumea comes with special attachments for optimal hair removal for face and body.

The larger body attachment is used to quickly treat large areas of the body such as the legs. The application time is approx. 8 minutes per lower leg.

The face attachment has its own specially integrated light filter for safe and practical use on the upper lip, chin and sideburns. It is also suitable for use on other sensitive parts of the body - such as under the armpits or other hard-to-reach areas.

The Philips Lumea offers great advantages:

  • Comfortable treatment thanks to wireless application
  • Additional attachments specially designed for use on the face and bikini line
  • Slide & Flash mode enables quick use in one go without having to stop

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94 %

of the testers are enthusiastic about the ease of use of the Philips Lumea.
"I'm excited, that I can already see results after only 2 weeks of use!”Cornelia, 31
95 %

of the testers confirm the painless hair removal with Philips Lumea.
"Very high quality product, easy to use!”Cornelia, 28
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Testers report: After only 8 weeks, the hair growth has reduced!
"I love it, that I do IPL hair removal like in the professional beauty salon

can use at home! "Maria, 34
81 %

of the testers will continue to use Philips Lumea with great enthusiasm.

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