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Has convinced: The vegan body lotion from the “MAGDALE
Has convinced: The vegan body lotion from the “MAGDALE
Has convinced: The vegan body lotion from the cosmetics line "MAGDALENA’S by Gradonna"
Has convinced: The vegan body lotion from the cosmetics line "MAGDALENA’S by Gradonna"

25 WOMAN readers have tested Magdalena's body lotion and are convinced: For the majority of those surveyed, the skin feels intensely cared for and supple, over 90% think that the formula is absorbed quickly and has a pleasant consistency, over 85% think the body lotion would Recommend girlfriend. The topic of regionality and sustainability is also an issue: for over 85% of WOMAN readers, it is very important or important to use a regional body lotion. Sustainable products are generally very important or important to all respondents.

"A very well-tolerated body lotion that meets all my expectations in terms of care, fragrance, consistency and sustainability!" “Very good, one of the best body lotions I've used so far. «

This is Magdalena's body lotion:


The cosmetics line MAGDALENA’S by Gradonna from Gradonna **** s Mountain Resort relies on the healing power of herbs from the nearby Hohe Tauern National Park. The composition is vegan, the medicinal plants all come from Tyrol and are also processed there.

The active ingredients

Organic apple juice: caring for the skin, rich in nutrients and antioxidants

Organic sunflower oil: promotes the natural barrier function of the skin, regenerating, high content of vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids

Organic apricot kernel oil: a very mild and light oil, is well absorbed, gives the skin a velvety soft and silky feel, caring for the skin, strengthens the barrier function

Vitamin E: moisture-binding, skin-tightening, has an antioxidant effect

7 valuable, local organic herbal extracts

Magdalena‘s body lotion contains a mixture of 7 local organic herbal extracts:


Thanks to its calming, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, it is one of the oldest medicinal plants.

Yellow turnip:

Real arnica:

The long-established medicinal plant has a stimulating and antimicrobial effect and is therefore used, among other things, to heal wounds and relieve pain in the limbs.

Yellow sweet clover:

It has a calming effect on itching and swelling and is often used for arterial and venous complaints.

Real meadowsweet:

The medicinal plant is said to have antibacterial, calming and anti-inflammatory effects.

Real St. John's wort:

The medicinal plant with invigorating, protective and soothing properties - it is also considered to be well tolerated.

Yellow gentian:

It has a pronounced antimicrobial effect. The gentian root contains a high proportion of bitter substances, which have a strengthening effect and strengthen the circulatory system.

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