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Dream island Mykonos: The summer destination of the stars
Dream island Mykonos: The summer destination of the stars

Holidays like the VIPS - you can do that on the Greek island of Mykonos. We'll show you the best vacation photos of the stars. Plus: Great insider tips for the trendy island!

greece, mykonos, vacation, island, stars, greece
greece, mykonos, vacation, island, stars, greece

Whether Kate Moss, Bella and Gigi Hadid or Paul McCartney: Mykonos is considered THE summer VIP hotspot par excellence. Romp here Hollywood greats, It girls and world famous musicians. Many of them with huge yachts in their luggage in order to be able to escape the curious paparazzi cameras and curious tourists.

But they still like to come to the small Greek island for strolling, beach chairs and celebrations. And rightly so - Mykonos has a lot to offer: Stylish villas with typical white and blue colors breathtaking sea view, great beach clubs and countless shopping opportunities that can make the credit card glow. Did you know that exceptional designer Virgil Abloh even designed a collection for Off White that can only be bought in-store?

But that's not all that makes Mykonos such a popular travel destination. Also the sports like windsurfing or kite surfing, the fabulous food and the breathtaking natureattract numerous visitors.

We have the most beautiful photos of the stars (by the way, here you can find the coolest celebrity summer outfits) - and also some great ones Mykonos insider tips!

The most beautiful vacation photos

Model Barbara Palvin make yourself comfortable on the pretty stone steps in the "Little Venice" district. The streets are just as small and winding as in Venice, hence the name. Here you will find countless cute boho shops and nice cafes.

Even the Bieberswere of course to be found on the trendy island this summer!

Influencer Camila Coelhoenjoy the beautiful sunset. Mykonos is very hilly, which is why you can watch the sun go down from higher up. Simply fantastic …

By the way, Camila is here to work - on a blogger trip. In this picture you can see her and her colleagues on an evening stroll through "Little Venice".

Also the Instagram posts from the model and entrepreneur Alexis Rendefinitely invite you to dream. Swipe for beautiful sunsets, whitewashed houses and winding streets. Did we promise too much?

Mykonos insider tips

We now know that Mykonos is beautiful. There are of course a dime a dozen great hotels, but the "Aletro Cottage Houses" run by mother and daughter are a real insider tip. This is a mix of apartment and boutique hotel - you have a small one in the typical Greek style apartmentwith kitchen and terrace. You can cook for yourself or try the hotel's own breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The area impresses with its pool and comfortable loungers and seats. The two women are incredibly nice and provide you with all sorts of celebrity gossip and helpful tips on where to bathe and eat.

mykonos, holiday, greek island, stars,
mykonos, holiday, greek island, stars,

The easiest way to get from A to B is to get one Rent a car, moped or quad. Many hotels have deals with car rental companies to offer their guests a cheap vehicle.

Elia Beach in the south of Mykonos is a beautiful, quiet beach. It's not for party, it's more suitable for relaxing. The loungers are cheaper compared to the typical It-Hotspots, there is also a great restaurant called "Elia" right next door.

Need more inspiration?

A list of the hippest hotels, beaches, bars and more You can find insider tips in the current WOMAN. My colleague Lisi Brandlmaier also met a couple for an interview who are interested in the Dream of your own holiday home on Mykonos has met. After a small but fine all-round renovation, it became a true luxury hideaway. How they set it up and where they put it coolest interior pieces you can also find out in the current issue. Have fun browsing!

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