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Then I'm on vacation: the right out of office notice
Then I'm on vacation: the right out of office notice

Be unavailable for once? It's good that someone is there to take care of you: the out-of-office notice. Experts tell us how versatile it is and what to look out for.

mail, work, home office, vacation, out-of-office note,
mail, work, home office, vacation, out-of-office note,

Ordinary out-of-office messages are not his. Anyone who emails management consultant Ali Mahlodji will immediately receive an automatic reply. And it sounds something like this: "Dear companions, dear friends! My wife and I have decided that our daughter should grow up in a household where both father and mother take care of the child, in equal shares. Today it's my turn, and since I want to be there for my daughter, I will do not answer e-mails. "

Then he lists who you can contact with various inquiries. At the end, the 39-year-old also has an important message: "And if you have some time today," he writes, "simply surprises a person unintentionally with a nice gesture for no reason. "Mahlodji is as Keynote speaker on the road a lot, therefore, every email he receives is answered immediately with an out-of-office message. Not only when he's on vacation. This clarifies how long it will not be available, who can be called in an emergency and where alternative information can be found (website, social media).

"People expect you to always react and I refuse, because there is also a life outside of the inbox. Since I found this solution for myself, I have also experienced one from others more mindful handling. In the past, inquiries were often sent in a second or third email, not counting the numerous calls, which of course I couldn't answer Use self-PR and refer to news or current offers from the company.

Thank you for your mail, but …

"It was clear to me that a classic out-of-office message was not for me. I think it can do one include personal touch. Why not be a little funnier and put a smile on the other's face? "As a freelance writer (" Discover your what for "), Mahlodji doesn't have to adhere to any guidelines. Otherwise, the message should naturally fit the corporate culture: In many companies there are uniform regulations for this.

"Unusual out-of-office notices stand out, but not always to the advantage," says HR expert Diana Huber. "The following applies as an orientation: The more creative the industry, the more original the wording can be. Does the funny phrase suit you, your employer and your position? Three times yes? Excellent! If in doubt, use more conservative expressions, then you are on the safe side."

mail, office, work,
mail, office, work,

It is essential to specify when you can be reached again, who will take over your representation (with name & contact!), As well as a Indication of when the concern is processed. Attention: Always watch out for spelling mistakes! If you have international contacts, you should also write the wording in English. "Reasons for the absence need not be mentioned," says career coach Barbara Schopper. "It is only important for the broadcaster that its information is taken note of." A no-go thereby: "You often read that messages are processed 'only in urgent cases' - everyone will wonder whether their own concern is urgent enough to receive an answer."

When do I need an out of office reply?

"When you know you're on a message not within respond within 24 hours can, it makes sense to set up one, "explains Schopper. HR professional Diana Huber emphasizes:" You should at least get in touch with an interim report. Leaving e-mails unanswered for days or even weeks is an absolute no-go and harms one's own image as well as that of the company."

Work differently after the vacation

Many of them are online all the time when they are free. Schopper: "There are people who care feel more stressed, when they are offline. The holiday is supposed to be for relaxation, but for some it is just important to be further informed and available. It is everyone's responsibility to determine how much differentiation from one's job is good."

Simple tricks by the pros for a more relaxed return:

Number one: Do not plan any important appointments or business trips for the first day of work. Number two: Start on Wednesday or Thursday. "Then the working week after the holidays is short and you don't slip into everyday work so quickly."

Ideas for your auto responder

The classic out of office notice:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sincerely, Bettina example

Practical example from recruiting strategist Claudia Lorber:

Thank you for your message! I am currently busy making recruiting for my customers easy again. I will get back to you reliably within the next 48 hours. If keeping your feet still and waiting patiently is not your thing, you can improve your recruiting know-how in the meantime: Here (link to the website) you will find the 5 most common mistakes in active sourcing and how you can avoid them in order to keep budget and save time.

Are you more of a binge watcher? Then I recommend my YouTube channel to you.

Have a look at it and best regards Claudia Lorber

Creative practical example from positioning coach Cornelia Dal Sasso:

Hello, I'm Edgar, your waiting time entertainer. Thank you for your message! I will make sure that you get a reliable answer within 48 hours. () To shorten your waiting time, I have come up with these activities for you:

Visit our website How about a TED talk (incl. Link) or visit us on Facebook.

What do you choose Write to me! I'm just a small software entity, but I love your post!

Kind regards Edgar

Clever auto-reply from Josh Kopelmann from Gizmodo:

I am currently not in the office, but on vacation. I know I should say I have limited access to my mailbox, but that's not true. My Blackberry will always be with me, and I'll answer when I have important business to attend to. Nonetheless, I promised my wife that I would enjoy our vacation as much as possible. So I'm trying something new. I leave the decision to you:

Sincerely, Josh

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