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Action against domestic violence: emergency number on milk carton
Action against domestic violence: emergency number on milk carton

Many women in an emergency do not know where to turn. An initiative from NÖM wants to counteract this. They are now printing SOS numbers on their milk cartons.

Violence against women
Violence against women

This year have been in this country so far 21 femicides and 23 attempted murder of women perpetrated. Extrapolated, that means one murder every two weeks. The peak was in 2018: 41 women were murdered by their (ex) partners or family members.

Every 5th woman experiences psychological and / or sexual violence from the age of 15. The autonomous Last year women's shelters looked after 580 women and 567 children.

The women's helpline received 10,571 calls during the same period. In 329 calls, the police or authorities such as the Office for Child and Youth Welfare had to intervene with the consent of the callers because of acute violence or danger.

The numbers are staggering. Especially when you consider the number of unreported women who are affected by domestic violence.

In May we made a big statement against violence against women: In a nationwide campaign, we gave affected women a voice to raise awareness of the often silent torments that women endure for far too long. You can read the letters here.

The Austrian company NÖM is also committed to increasing the safety of women who are caught in spirals of violence. From mid-September, two SOS numbers will be printed on every 1 liter whole milk package.

Emergency number on the milk carton
Emergency number on the milk carton

"There are many, very professional contact points for women who are looking for help. Unfortunately, there is often no access to the relevant contacts or it is unfortunately necessary to convey this data in a subtle way - such as on a milk carton. That is why we decided to do this To place important information on it. A small contribution, which may be helpful in individual cases, "explains NÖM Marketing Manager Veronika Breyer and continues: "We have to be careful as a society, must not accept any setbacks on our path to equality and actively work on non-violent interaction with one another - and that begins with each individual."

Veronika Breyer
Veronika Breyer

Lots of positive examples of secret codes for women in emergency situations

Two years ago, the German company Edeka started a similar campaign: They placed information on their own brands for those affected and their surroundings.

Pharmacies in Germany, France and Spain were also considering a strategy to protect victims of domestic violence after an increase in cases was feared due to the exceptional situation due to Corona. With the Code word "Mask 19" you get help immediately.

In the USA, on the other hand, are found in some bars and eateries "Angel Shots" on the map. Whoever orders it signals to the staff: "I need help". A waiter then accompanies you out of the restaurant. If you order the drink with ice, a taxi will also be organized. The police are called when someone wants a lemon. Women can see the exact instructions on a poster in the women's toilet.

If the network is the only way to get in touch with the outside world, you can use the #SignalForHelp draw attention to yourself:

Necessary steps for change

Society and politics must finally rethink. Old, patriarchal structures must be broken up and new ones established - all in the interests of equality. Marketing manager Breyer also sees it this way: "I think that a job is a key. A woman can only emancipate herself if she also has her own money. I expect the best possible support from society and politics, for example women do not have to become financially dependent on starting a family."

You can get help here

Women's helpline against violence: 0800 222 555 / advice around the clock, anonymously and free of charge, 365 days a year.

Association of Austrian women's shelters: The aim of the association is to promote the support of women affected by violence and their children throughout Austria. Members of the ZÖF association are the women's shelters in Vienna (4 women's shelters), Graz, Kapfenberg, Klagenfurt, Lavanttal, Spittal, St. Pölten and Villach.

Women's shelters Vienna: The Wiener Frauenhäuser Association offers abused and threatened women and their children protection and help. A total of around 175 places are available for women and children. In addition to the women's shelters, the association also runs an outpatient advice center. The consultations are anonymous and free of charge.

Intervention center against violence in the family: Free and confidential help with violence against women, domestic violence and stalking

Advice on wire: Telephone number 147 - the Austrian emergency number for children and young people.

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