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Astrology: Now is the time for the new energies
Astrology: Now is the time for the new energies

It's Libra season, the time of balance and harmony. At the same time, we are facing some tremendous torques in the universe this October - planets that are currently retrograde are turning forward again. What is important now and how you can use these energies for yourself.

Astrology: Now is the time for the new energies
Astrology: Now is the time for the new energies

Believe in horoscopes or not, it cannot be denied that the interpretation of the stars and the power of the planets have fascinated people for millennia. In astrology it is assumed that we are not only shaped by genetic makeup and environmental influences, but also that State of the solar system is assigned a meaning. An attempt is made to interpret the connection between astronomical events and earthly processes.

If you take an astrological look at October, it quickly becomes clear that we are in a time of upheaval. Significant planets like Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are in retrograde right now - have you ever heard of the "Mercury Retrograde"? This month they are turning forward again.

Retrograde planets - what does that mean?

"Going back doesn't mean the planets are really going backwards. It's a optical phenomenon, where from the rotating perspective of the earth it looks as if the planets are moving backwards, "explains star astrologer Silke Schäfer in a YouTube video.

These so-called backward phases are always phases of correction - "putting life in order". Susan Miller, is one of the most successful astrologers in the world. Emma Stone and Cameron Diaz are among her customers. She describes it this way: "When a planet is retrograde, it is astrologically, at rest. While he is napping, the activities he rules are not being directed by a fully-functioning, wide-awake planet. "Retrograde isn't bad per se - it gives one the opportunity to illuminate and relate things.

Mercury Retrograde

Nevertheless, it is said that, especially in Mercury retrograde, you should not sign anything important or start large projects. For astrology fans, this is a time when life seems to be a little upside down. One is more forgetful, more chaotic, less in balance.

Miller explains, "It's a phenomenon that really affects everyone, and the effects are always evident." Miller and Schäfer also call it the "planet of communication" - it rules speaking, listening, learning and reading, but also negotiating and buying. "It also influences all formal contracts, agreements as well as important documents, Leases, wills, and so on, "Miller said." Engineering, transportation, shipping, and travel are also affected by it. When Mercury is retrograde, all of these areas tend to to get mixed up. "

It is declining three times this year, the third and last time from September 27th to October 18th. One of the greatest effects on us humans is ascribed to him. From October 18th, according to Schäfer, it will bring new energy into the field, which has to do specifically with communicating with one another.

The power of going forward

The giants Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are also changing direction this October. There is momentum - a momentum that, according to Schäfer, is good for yourself and can use his projects. Pluto turns forward again on October 6th. It symbolizes underground, power and profundity.

Saturn turns on October 11th. This is specifically about responsibility as well as that Boundary between the inside and the outside. You can feel fear when you reach your own limits, but according to Schäfer it is also a good opportunity to break your own limits, to broaden your horizons. If Saturn moves forward again, we have that Strength for new tasks and for taking on new responsibilities. In the phase of decline, we had time to mobilize our forces - now it's time to implement it.


Jupiter, which, like Mercury, turns forward on October 18th, is always about expansion. According to Schäfer, people like to talk about luck in connection with him. It is the Jupiter principle: something falls to us that is to us expanded and supported.

Find your own center - thanks to Libra

In addition, we are in the Libra season - the air sign stands for justice, peace and balance and is ruled by the beauty planet Venus. This in turn stands for Relationships, love and harmony. Air signs stand for change: things are moving, it is a time of (positive) change. Libra helps us to be able to stand up for what is important to us without having to split up.

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