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Your ultimate to-do list for fall
Your ultimate to-do list for fall

You have no ideas how to spend your free time in autumn? We do! Here are 9 great activities we'll be doing over the next few months.

Your ultimate to-do list for fall!
Your ultimate to-do list for fall!

1. Visit a pumpkin farm

Buying pumpkin in the supermarket is of course faster. Or you could just take it for a trip and visit a pumpkin farm with some friends. There are usually hundreds of varieties and you can try one or the other specialty. Splendid!

"The most rustic pumpkin show in the Vienna Woods" is available at Franzlbauer, for example. And otherwise - just google it! I am sure you will find a suitable farm near you.

2. Bake the pumpkin pizza

Like every autumn, the same applies this year: It's all about Pumpkin! After we've done some good shopping on the pumpkin farm, let's try a few new recipes. So how about a pumpkin pizza …? You can find the recipe here!

3. Go on an autumn hike

Long walks, collecting leaves or a sporty hike? Dress up warmly and enjoy the fresh autumn air! Here we have 9 great hiking tours that will take you to particularly beautiful places.

4. Decorate the apartment for autumn

Now that we will be more at home again, the ideal time has come to give your own apartment a little more cosiness. Incidentally, these five decoration ideas are super easy to implement …

5. Visit a mulled wine stand

Christmas markets and punch stands are gradually opening up. Grab your friends, stroll through the various stalls and enjoy one or two mulled wine and a sack of chestnuts. Do you have a balcony or a garden? Even better! Then just move the punch evening there! By the way, our favorite autumn cocktail is the Apple Cider Mimosa! You can find the recipe here.

6. Take autumnal pictures

Put on your coolest outfit, grab a friend, a camera and off you go! Heard already? Colorful leaves are the perfect shooting partner for cool new autumn pics.

7th Beauty Day

A gray, rainy day is ideal for a complete day of wellbeing: a long bath with a good book, hair treatment, face mask, manicure, pedicure - the full program. Then you throw yourself into your cuddly jogging outfit and watch your favorite film.

8. Harry Potter Marathon

After the beauty day is before the movie night. I strongly recommend doing a Harry Potter marathon. Fall is kind of the coolest time for that. The misty, gloomy Hogwarts, Halloween, lessons full of magic and walks through a snowy Hogsmeade. Perfect! Not in the mood for Harry Potter? (I don't understand, but it can happen, I was told …) We'll be watching these films and series this autumn.

9. Make your own Pumpkin Spice Latte

You can find the perfect recipe here! Better (and healthier, too) than any fast food chain - guaranteed!

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