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Laura Malina Seiler: The lucky charm
Laura Malina Seiler: The lucky charm

"Back to me" - is the name of the new book by Laura Malina Seiler. The title is also the mindfulness coach's slogan. Your goal: to make people balanced and satisfied. With great success.

Laura Malina Seiler
Laura Malina Seiler

Mandatory date for your followers: Wednesday morning. Every week at 4:30 am, a new episode of "happy, holy & confident" goes online, one of the hottest feel-good podcasts at the moment. The speaker: Laura Malina Seiler, 35. In 2010 she attended her first life coaching seminar. Her godmother had sent her there because of her problems finding herself lovable. At that time, Seiler was studying political science, Spanish, Italian and intercultural communication - the latter with a degree.

Self-discovery as a successful business

Nine years later, she has achieved a lot of what she set out to do: Her name has established itself as a major brand and has triggered a new spiritual movement in German-speaking countries. She offers a variety of online courses - all on personal development and spiritual growth, and has already written two books, "It's great that you exist" and "May you be happy," both bestsellers. More than 10,000 people have booked the seminars so far. Seiler's spiritual approaches seem to meet the zeitgeist of a society in search of meaning and more mindfulness in life.

Her third book is now published: "Back to me. A healing encounter" (15.90 €, Rowohlt, from September 14th). In it, she tells the story of the great power that each of us carries within - and how you can discover it for yourself.

The most important thing is to maintain the relationship with yourself

Then there is their very successful audio series with four seasons already released: once a week the mindfulness coach talks online with interviewees about what can be done to develop further. How it works with the universe or how you learn to listen to your intuition again. Lewis Howes was recently a guest, a former football player, the American equivalent of Seiler. His podcast "The School Of Greatness" is one of the best known in the United States. He is the "New York Times" bestselling author with his book of the same name. The talk with him was about setbacks, a word that Seiler pretty consistently deleted from her vocabulary. "I see situations in which I have supposedly failed as an opportunity for reflection. What can I learn from this? I have several coaches for different areas who accompany me. This way I can look at things in my life from a different perspective ", explains the entrepreneur in an interview with WOMAN.

The interview with her feels more like a 40-minute coaching unit. In a positive sense. The conversation with Seiler brings you down in the otherwise rather turbulent and fast-paced everyday life, in the editorial office and in general. Sentences like: "Many shy away from making decisions out of fear that it might be the wrong one. The worst thing is not to make any." And: "Everything is right, as it is happening at the moment." Or: "The most important thing is to maintain the relationship with yourself." - A quote from Dr. Vasant Dattatray Lad, an Indian Ayurveda doctor, also interviewed in her Glücks podcast.

Your private happiness

A lot is about gratitude. About what she feels for her family and her friend Paul, with whom she has been together for "six or seven years". Apparently, she does not attach great importance to anniversaries. It is all the more important to her to consciously take time for him in everyday life. She also describes her relationship with Paul as her greatest success to date. "I make sure that the little moments that make a partnership special, such as an 'I love you', don't get lost in everyday life."

Meanwhile, two more people enrich their lives: Seiler is the two-time mom of Carlo, 2, and Zoé, 4 months. "I used to meditate in peace after waking up, write down my goals and visions and what I am grateful for. I drank tea and started the day relaxed. Now I meditate while I breastfeed my son. My greatest challenge is it's just getting by on very little sleep, "laughs the podcaster. "And I am learning to understand that I can let go of the claim to always have to function perfectly as a mom, partner and entrepreneur. I know that I can and must allow myself breaks." It's good to hear that mindfulness experts like her need to work on themselves too.

Lots of visions and goals

We'd like to know where she sees herself in a few years' time. "I'm visualizing my own Netflix special - and that I can interview Oprah Winfrey." Then she wants to write more books and develop more online courses. Of course, Seiler is convinced that she will actually manage to implement all of her plans: "I trust myself very much and I really enjoy what I do. As a result, I am ready to keep doing this extra- Going a mile and giving more than everyone else around me is doing."

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