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These are the best kids movies for lockdown
These are the best kids movies for lockdown

Children's films that adults will also get their money's worth? Is there! You should watch these 11 films together with your children in lockdown.

children's films feminist
children's films feminist

In lockdown, the days can get really long - at least for the kids. All the better if there is something to look forward to in the evening. For example, on a nice movie night. So that the whole family gets their money's worth with popcorn and juice and not just the little ones, we have summarized our 11 favorite children's films for you, which in our opinion were actually made for us adults …

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The best 11 children's films for the whole family

1. My neighbor Totoro

Satsuki and Mei move to the country with their father. The little girls immediately get to know tiny house ghosts. And shortly afterwards get to know the legendary forest spirit, the great Totoro. Incredibly sweetly drawn and told. Immediately afterwards, we recommend all of Studio Ghibli's films. Incidentally, they are currently also available on Netflix.

2. Arietty and the wondrous world of borrowers

It's about small beings, the so-called borrowers, who live under the floorboards. They keep borrowing things from their landlords, which they then use for their needs that are not what these things are actually intended for.

3. Michel from Lönneberga

The film about the rascal Michel from Sweden awakens childhood memories in us adults and is still equally loved by the little ones today.

4. Mary Poppins

Another childhood memory thing - we probably all know the story: Jane and Michael don't believe in tidy children's rooms. Neither do they think of their nanny, who fled the Banks family and their frolicking children. Jane and Michael write their own request: They dream of the most fantastic nanny that children could wish for - and so a young lady named Mary Poppins ends up with an umbrella on the doorstep …

5. The fantastic Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox made a promise to his wife, Felicity, that she would never go hunting for chickens again. He even accepted a regular job as editor of the animal newspaper. But Mr. Fox simply cannot resist the farms of the big farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean and expertly clears out their stables. The farmers strike back and want to get the cunning fox out of the way. The resourceful fox in a corduroy needs a lot of brains and even more physical effort to save his family and friends.

6. Puss in Boots

An absolute must for every cat fan. There is hardly an animation film that gets to the point of a cat better … and then also in boots. Together with his best friend Humpty Dumpty, an egg on two legs, Puss in Boots has great adventures. But the egg is jealous of him and betrays him. From then on, the hangover fought his way through life. A few years later, the former friends meet again. Humpty and his accomplice Kitty Velvetpaw want to steal a goose that is laying golden eggs. The cat joins them. Suddenly he has to use all his skills in the fight against evil.

7. Ronja the robber's daughter

At the latest when the robbers roll around naked in the snow, all dams are broken for the children. And we have also loved the film since childhood (and we were always a little in love with Birk) …

8. Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs

Made for young and old from the outset - entertaining, humorous, relentless, hopeful, touching and - of highly topical social relevance! Since all of Megasaki's dogs suffer from an epidemic, they are banished to an island by the dictatorial mayor, where they are left to their fate. But the 12-year-old Atari wants to bring back his loyal companion Spots. So he flies a propeller plane to the garbage island, where he meets a group of alpha dogs who want to help him find spots. Only the stray chief isn't on Atari's side straight away.

9. Klaus

Netflix's Christmas film from last year is now slowly fitting back into the program. We love the film so much that we even dedicated an article to it last year. HERE.

10. Matilda

11. Charly and the chocolate factory

Charlie Bucket, who comes from a poor background, dreams of chocolate all day and is overjoyed when he wins an exclusive tour of the gigantic chocolate factory of the eccentric Willy Wonka. Together with four other children, he embarks on this fantastic tour and experiences numerous surprises.

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