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Upbringing: Please do not interfere
Upbringing: Please do not interfere

The opposite of good? Well-intentioned parenting tips. Every mom knows these uninvited "kindnesses". We have collected a "Best Of" for you and explain how you can deal with it.

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It's one of the unwritten laws of being a mom: no matter what you do with your child. No matter how hard you try to get everything right. It's just NEVER good enough.

Yes, sorry to all of the mommies out there. Here come unfortunately no good news for you. Because sooner or later THE ONE PERSON will come who will completely question you as a MOM. Usually with just one killer sentence: the "well-intentioned" parenting tip! Spoiler: That one person is very often someone you don't even know …

An example? Visit to the supermarket with my son in the late afternoon. He's tired, I'm stressed. Of course, things then escalated at the cash desk because of a chocolate bar that he really wanted. Have you ever said "no" to a two and a half year old three cheese high in the autonomy phase?

His screams were deafening. The looks of the others in the shop as if I had just abused the "poor child". How can she? Refuse to eat the hungry boy … ?!

At one point an elderly lady patted me on the shoulder: "Sorry, but does your child have to be soooo loud?"


The fact is: As a mother, you stand constantly under observation. Unfortunately, when you are not locking yourself up in the toilet to secretly eat chocolate or cry, there are rarely moments when your behavior, appearance and parenting style are NOT commented on.

How are you supposed to react to that?

Best not at all. Because only you know what is good for you and your child. And not the lady at the supermarket checkout, not the kindergarten friend and also not the work colleague who always knows everything better. And certainly not the mother-in-law who wants to teach you with her upbringing wisdom from the 50s.

You don't have to justify yourself to anyone.

Message to all mums: Please don't be unsettled. You are the bosses of your children. Only you know what needs they have. What to do. And you do a damn good job. Period.

1. "That was done by completely different people before you."

2. "Screaming strengthens the lungs."

3. "A slap on the bottom has never harmed anyone."

4. "Without a nap, he'll sleep better at night."

5. "Just put your child in bed later and they'll sleep longer in the morning."

6. "What, are you already giving your child to kindergarten?"

7. "What, your child is still not in kindergarten?"

8. "What, you are not breastfeeding at all?"

9. "How long do you want to breastfeed?"

10. "You have to be consistent!"

11. "You have no control over your child."

12. "How long do you actually want to carry your child?"

13. "Well, I couldn't have so many children."

14. "We wouldn't have anything like that."

15. "But all babies fall asleep in the car, right?"

16. "If you go to your child every time they cry, don't be surprised if they don't sleep through the night."

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