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You Must Know These 6 Mama Hacks
You Must Know These 6 Mama Hacks

In all honesty, these simple tricks will make your mom life worlds better. We have ingenious DIY hacks for you for everyday life with small and large annoyances.

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mom, mom, daughter, daughter, child, toddler, baby, kindergarten, hacks, diy,

These six mom hacks are awesome! They will make life easier for you (and your kids), I promise!

1. So must eat ice cream

No more sticky fingers! Simply skewer a muffin form on the popsicle, the little hands stay clean, Mama's nerves are spared and everything is fine. By the way, it looks just as good on an ice cream cone.

2. Sustainable freshness kick for snacks

To ensure that the snack stays reasonably fresh in the playground during heated digger fights, some genius has come up with the following DIY hack: moisten a sponge, put it in the freezer for a few hours and then put it in the freezer bag in the lunch box. Works perfectly! And can be used over and over again.

3. Chill station for tired warriors

Who needs a baby hammock when you have a table and a sheet to hand? And this is how you create the perfect sleep aid for your baby: Pull the cloth under the table, knot it at the top - et voilà - the homemade swing station is ready! By the way, it also works on a terrace - then you automatically have sun protection for your sleeping angel with the tabletop.

4. Egg, egg, egg, …

“Mom, want to do it yourself!” - Oh yes, the toddler phase. When baking cakes together at the latest, it becomes apparent that certain things don't work that smoothly, even for the big ones. Separate eggs, for example. What to do if the little kitchen berserker wants to lend a hand IMMEDIATELY NOW? You need a funnel or a cut-off PET bottle! That’s how it’s going to be easier. The egg yolk then gets stuck and the egg white slips through. There you are! If that works well with the funnel, you could also try this magic trick:

5. Children, now it's time to extend it

Washing hands - not always our tots' favorite pastime. Do the sinks always have to be THAT FAR UP? From a toddler's perspective, those are dizzying heights. It’s easier for short arms if you simply lengthen the tap. This works, for example, if you cut open a shampoo bottle and put it over the tap. Complete!

6. DIY brake

No, it doesn't always have to be sour crawling shoes. You can also make socks or tights non-slip in a few simple steps. All you really need is a puff color (available in every craft store), apply this to the sole and then dry it with the hairdryer. This basically puffs up the color and creates something like a relief-like structure that prevents your baby from slipping. Easy, right?

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