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"Push Presents" for mothers - we want that too
"Push Presents" for mothers - we want that too

Babyshowers are cute, yeah. But with so much fuss about the little ones, the mothers, who often give birth for hours in pain, are often neglected. In the USA, mothers are also celebrated with press gifts - as a thank you for giving birth.


First the trend of babyshowers and gender reveals from America spilled over to us. Now the next one is in the process of establishing itself in this country: Push Presents - gifts that mothers receive after childbirth. As a thank you for enduring the pain during the birth of the child.

Well, one should celebrate the festivals as they come. So why not We take! Here is also a list of present ideas that we like - to forward to your loved ones:

Sustainable jewelry

It's something that lasts and the perfect gift, especially on emotional occasions! Prince WIlliam, for example, had a name necklace made for his Kate. Very similar to the piece of jewelry that his mother Princess Diana received when he was born. What we're getting at: You are always right with jewelry! If you are looking for inspiration: Dear Darling Berlin produces fair pieces at affordable prices.

laundry detergent

That might sound a bit weird at first - detergent ?! - But if you think about it a little further, it makes perfect sense: With a baby there is suddenly a lot more laundry. In any case, it shouldn't be any chemical club. Therefore, it is essential to use products that are kind to the skin and the environment. Midwives are happy to recommend sustainable brands like everdrop.

Wellness package

Put the diaper package back on the shelf and get a wellness set for mom. Because when the mothers feel good, so do the little ones. With so many short nights ahead of the parents, a little home spa feeling definitely can't hurt. One idea: the body lifting ritual from Clean Beauty Concept.


Music on, world off. When walking, ticking off at home in the living room or doing sports - with the right music, everyday life can be completely faded out - at least for a moment. From JBL, for example, with Bluetooth, noise canceling, Smart Ambient and speech recognition. The full program.

Vacuum and mopping robots

Falls back into the category: excuse me? And actually it is a deadly sin to give away household appliances, aaaaber the part can really do something! Everyday life as a neo-mom is the absolute challenge anyway - a part like the one from iRobot can really help.

Mom shopper

A lot goes in there, they are timeless and go with every outfit: shoppers! Definitely mommy approved! For example from Jost.

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