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Somebody licked my toes and that's it
Somebody licked my toes and that's it

A part of the body that I really don't find sexy in myself? My toes. So I was all the more astonished when one day they were in the center of the action under the sheets. And no - my counterpart was not a foot fetishist.

Somebody licked my toes and that's it
Somebody licked my toes and that's it

"Do you feel disgusted at your feet? It's a disease" - a colleague in the editorial team was working on this post and somehow the discussion about it drifted towards sex. No, after all, we are writing for a women's magazine and yet we have to defend a reputation.

Feet and sex? Sucking on your toes wasn't that far anymore (in memory of the royal scandal surrounding Fergie and her photographic preferences). But nobody seemed to be able to fully understand - although I was surrounded by really not prudish women.

Licking your feet should be cool? Well, what can I say? I wouldn't have thought it possible either, but yes: It is!

Do women like to be licked on their feet?

Amazingly, he showed absolutely no other interest in feet - so I hadn't "kicked in" a foot fetishist. He had simply made the experience that many women reacted positively and since then toe-sucking has been one of his "moves".

What excites one, however, may be terrible for the other. And therefore this move would probably not be crowned with success with ALL women. But that's also the beauty of human bodies: We all have different erogenous zones that need to be discovered. And which can sometimes cause very big surprises!

And another tip: Of course, cleanliness has priority when playing toe - although, you should actually assume that in all parts of the body during sex …

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