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Is it difficult for you to flirt? It's easy with these 15 questions
Is it difficult for you to flirt? It's easy with these 15 questions

Flirting reveals the other person's humor in a very relaxed, informal way. However, it is not so easy for everyone to ask flirty questions …

flirt online dating
flirt online dating

When you get to know someone fresh - whether online or in real life - you don't always want to open the barrel of love philosophies right away. Sometimes you just want to have a casual chat while having fun and luring the other person out from behind the facade. Say: You want to flirt. However, this casual style of conversation is not so easy for everyone, especially since it is about the right dose of humor and repartee.

With a little help, however, every situation can be mastered! So there's no harm in memorizing at least a few of the flirty questions below!

Flirt to get to know:

Perfect if you want to keep a conversation going without wanting to address a specific topic:

"How was your first impression of me?" "How can you still be single?" "How would you describe me - in just three words?" "Do you have a secret passion?" our first date?"

Dating & Co:

The first date went great? Then you can immediately sow the seeds for further meetings …

"How do you like it when the woman takes the first step?" "How would you show someone that you like him or her?" "What does it take to get a second date with you?" Would you plan a date, how would that work? "" Is there something you really want to ask me - but you don't dare?"

If it should get a little hotter:

Do you want to get to know your crush even better? The flower sometimes makes it easier to say:

»Where are you - apart from the predictable spots - best touched?« »With which film / song title would you describe your kissing style?« »Do I make you nervous?« »Are you also a fan of massages?« »Do you feel like it to come over to me?"

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