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Attention "Fifty Shades" fans: Now comes the LAST book
Attention "Fifty Shades" fans: Now comes the LAST book

The new book by E. L. James, "Freed", is the last of their "Fifty Shades of Gray" saga. Is Christian Gray really hanging up his whip now?

fifty shades
fifty shades

What do flea markets and AirBnb cottages have in common? You can always find books by John Grisham, Dan Brown, Rosamunde Pilcher and E. L. James from the "Fifty Shades of Gray" trilogy …

Some of us have literally devoured the novels as well as the films. And every now and then wondered: "How absurd is that?" Erika Leonards - the US author's real name - doesn't care what we think, even the harshest criticism doesn't stop her from continuing to write. Even Mr. Gray himself - topless, in jeans and with his favorite whip in hand - could not have broken her will! But of course there were also plenty of enthusiasm among the fans.

But now the Fifty Shades saga is really coming to an end: "Freed" is due to appear on June 1, 2021 - the last after "Gray: Fifty Shades of Gray as Told by Christian" and "Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as Told by Christian" Part of their second trilogy.

How, a "second" trilogy?

The first, much better known book series is told from the perspective of protagonist Anastasia "Ana" Steele. The films with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are based on this. By the way, they are so trashy - Part 1 was awarded five "Golden Raspberries", the Anti-Oscar, in 2016 - that they are once again going through as ingenious entertainment.

In the second series of books we read the same story - this time from Christian Grey's point of view. And anyone who can still remember Volume 3 "Fifty Shades of Gray - Freed Lust" knows that "Freed" focuses on the marriage of the two. And then we're a little bit curious what the top macho and sad-maso millionaire thinks about his marriage to his Ana …

Emotions and sex

Even E. L. It was not easy for James to empathize with this part of the story, the publisher says: "For me Christian - just like for Anastasia Steele - is a challenging, angry and infinitely fascinating figure. The carousel of thoughts is in his head stressful." It was important to her to shed light on "his emotional growth in response to her love and compassion".

Of course, with all this sentimentality, sex shouldn't be neglected. The publisher says: "Although her passion burns hotter and deeper than ever before, Ana's defiant spirit continues to awaken Christian's darkest fears and test his need for control." Loss of control as sizzling eroticism? E. L. James remains true to her recipe for success …

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