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Gemini women in love: stay away from these zodiac signs
Gemini women in love: stay away from these zodiac signs

WOMAN love horoscope: We'll tell you how people born in Gemini tick when it comes to love and which zodiac signs do not suit them at all.

Gemini women in love: stay away from these zodiac signs!
Gemini women in love: stay away from these zodiac signs!

Is it the same for you: You ask your date about their birthday and hours later you google eagerly about the compatibility of your zodiac signs? Then you are exactly right here. We ask ourselves which signs of the zodiac go together particularly well and which one should be avoided. In more detail, today is about those born with twins: How do they actually work when it comes to love? And more importantly, which zodiac signs should you be careful about? WOMAN astrologer Turid Pichler helped us with information.

Bad combination: Gemini & Capricorn

The grounded Ibex know how to bind the Gemini people. At least her zeal for work and her seriousness impressed the spontaneous twin-born. However, the two zodiac signs are quite different. At some point the dutiful and often strict Capricorn can no longer hold a candle to the Gemini when it comes to love of freedom or it could be too restrictive for them. According to astrology, Gemini sometimes takes life (too) easily, and Capricorn (too) seriously. Unreliability can then drive the Capricorn away …

Quarrel inevitable: Gemini & Taurus

Gemini and Taurus are very opposites, but represent a great fascination for the other. However, they are incompatible in many things. The Taurus likes to make himself comfortable with his loved ones. Gemini-born are always on the go, want to explore the world and, according to astrology, sometimes succumb to a flirtation or even a sexual adventure, which drives the faithful and jealous Taurus to white heat.

Not possible: Gemini & Cancer

Cancer-borns and Gemini are as different as couples in a relationship can be. According to astrology, the Gemini are very tied to their freedom and are considered charming heartbreakers. Potential partners are impressed by their humor and spontaneity. The soulful and sensitive Cancer is unfortunately sometimes disappointed. A close relationship, according to astrology, would make both of them quite unhappy.

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