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Pisces women: these 3 zodiac signs do not suit you
Pisces women: these 3 zodiac signs do not suit you

Do you already have experience with CERTAIN ZODIAC SIGNS? A pattern repeats itself? According to astrology, these three zodiac signs are not at all compatible with Pisces.

Pisces women: these 3 zodiac signs do not suit you!
Pisces women: these 3 zodiac signs do not suit you!

Is it the same for you: You ask your date about their birthday and hours later you google eagerly about the compatibility of your zodiac signs? Then you are exactly right here. We ask ourselves which signs of the zodiac go together particularly well and which one should be avoided. In more detail, today is about Pisces-born: What makes them tick when it comes to love? And more importantly, which zodiac signs should you be careful about? WOMAN astrologer Turid Pichler helped us with information.

Bad combination: Pisces & twins

According to astrology, Gemini is sometimes said to be infidelity. The heartbreakers are therefore not really compatible with the more sensitive fish. They long for romance and security - lovesickness would be the order of the day with twins. Even if they would go well together in bed - according to astrology, the ideas of these two zodiac signs are too different.

Better not: Pisces & Aries

The sensitive fish should extinguish the ram's fire a little. At least the Aries is said to have a loud, impulsive streak that could intimidate the romantic Pisces.

Pure incomprehension: Pisces & Virgo

Virgos are considered controlled and rational according to astrology. When intellectuals meet chaotic emotions, the likelihood of happiness is almost zero. According to astrology, Pisces are more emotional and sensitive. They like to dive into dream worlds and sometimes they let themselves be seduced. Whereas virgins usually have both feet firmly on the ground. Difficult!

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