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Crybugs? These are the three most sensitive zodiac signs
Crybugs? These are the three most sensitive zodiac signs

Insulted very quickly, but also extremely empathetic: It is not always easy for those who are sensitive. These three zodiac signs are particularly sensitive.

Mimosa? These 3 zodiac signs are particularly sensitive
Mimosa? These 3 zodiac signs are particularly sensitive

Do you take everything to heart too quickly, pay close attention to your fellow human beings and can you quickly put yourself in their shoes? Then you are one of the sensitive ones out there. On the one hand, you can congratulate yourself, because sensitivity is your SUPERPOWER! On the other hand, you should take very good care of yourself, follow your inner voice and draw clear boundaries. And now to the all-important question (why you clicked on this article): Which zodiac signs tend to be more sensitive and particularly sensitive? Here is the solution.

Extremely sensitive: fish

Pisces have a particularly strong sense of their own feelings and can sometimes react very emotionally. They tend to act intuitively - that is, they let their strong inner feeling guide them. Pisces are also considered to be extremely empathetic people. You can put yourself in the shoes of others very well, but you always strive to maintain harmony between yourself and the others. Empathy is actually a particularly desirable quality. However, sometimes it becomes too much for the Pisces and they have to put their own feelings back into order. Unfortunately, according to astrology, Pisces criticism or feedback is often misinterpreted. In other words: As much as one can appreciate the empathy of Pisces-born ones, one should also go into them and pay close attention to the choice of words.

Please handle with kid gloves: cancer

It seems that watermarks are "built close to the water": Even those born with Cancer are said to have a certain sensitivity. Also, according to astrology, they are empathetic, caring, and helpful. It seems that one is lucky to have a Cancer-born partner or friend. The shoulder is always ready to lean on. However, it often takes longer to win this shoulder for yourself. The heart of those born with Cancer must first be conquered. But once the Cancerians have chosen friendships or partnerships, they sometimes tend to sacrifice themselves. That is why it is important for them to find ways to express their needs and emotions.

Feels intensely: Aries

Even if at first glance they may not belong to the absolute sensitive par excellence: Aries have extremely strong feelings and are often guided by their emotions. They are said to have real emotional outbursts every now and then - actually typical for a fire sign! These strong feelings also make Aries quite vulnerable and thus they are among the sensitive among the zodiac signs. The intense feelings can also become a challenge for others. To speak against it? Doesn't bring anything. People born in Aries often find their way back into their midst, for example when doing sports or taking a walk. But you should really appreciate her energy and temperament. Because Aries-born can be real party tigers and manage to loosen up tense situations.

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