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6 people tell what was the most honest thing they said partner
6 people tell what was the most honest thing they said partner

A relationship is all about honesty, truth and understanding. We asked couples what was the most honest thing they had ever said to each other.

6 people tell what was the most honest thing they ever said to their partner
6 people tell what was the most honest thing they ever said to their partner

Of course we hope that we can be honest with one another in our relationships, that we can tell each other everything. If we listen deeply to ourselves, there are still one or two small and big secrets that we do not tell our partner. Be it consciously or unconsciously.

So we asked couples what the MOST HONEST thing they ever said was. Some of the answers were funny, others a little shocking, and the rest? Oh well. Honest. Just honest.

People tell what was the most honest thing they ever said to their partner

1. "I don't want children!" Johanna, 54

"That we don't want children was perhaps one of the most honest conversations we have ever had. It's less of a secret than a real decision for life. And it was incredibly liberating to hear that my partner thought the same!"

2. "I want to sleep with other people!" Marlene, 35

"It wasn't going so well in our marriage for a long time, we had little sex and argued a lot. I had thought about wanting to sleep with other men for a long time, but in the end it was my husband who brought up the subject. After almost 10 years of relationship and 3 years of marriage, we were finally forced to have honest conversations about trust and commitment again. Since then, we have been closer than ever before. And our sex life has also benefited."

3. "I don't know if I still want to be with you!" Anna, 29

"Our relationship has been ups and downs for 5 years now. We are always honest with each other. A few months ago I was at the point where I no longer really know whether I can be so happy. With this life. With This partner. I withdrew, was out of round, felt like I could not talk to my boyfriend about it. Until it broke out of me. And it was SO. IMPORTANT. We had a totally open conversation, my partner really caught me with mine Fears and doubts. And showed me exactly why I want to be with this one person after all. One of the best decisions of my life!"

4. "I have health problems!" Wolfgang, 32

"Some things that seem irrelevant can become a big problem if they are not addressed in good time. This also applies to health problems in the family. When you think about children later, such information is not entirely unimportant. It wasn't sexy, mine To tell today's woman that there is a special genetic defect in our family that is always inherited, but it has probably saved us a lot of drama."

5. "I think our sex is bad!" Anna, 41

"I had been with my first boyfriend since we were 18. He was my first sexual partner in the first place. Accordingly, I only knew sex the way we had it. And I wasn't really enthusiastic. At some point I came to terms with that I may just not be the most sexual person in the world. Until I had sex with other men during a short separation phase. And for the first time I realized how beautiful sex can be. When we got together later, it was one of the most painful but also best conversations I have ever had with my partner. But it was precisely this type of communication that brought us a lot further!"

6. "I can't smell you!" Alexander, 37

"How I was in love with this woman. I wanted to spend every second with her. She was beautiful, intelligent, well-groomed, funny … and she smelled. It was sometimes bad. And I just didn't understand. Because she showered regularly, Used deodorant, changed her clothes. And apparently no one has told her that before. At some point I got over it … and asked her about it. Lo and behold. It was cool. She was cool with it. And after much research and visits to the doctor, it was clear that it was actually a medical problem, which she got under control."

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