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Women tell of the moment when they knew they were going to split up
Women tell of the moment when they knew they were going to split up

There are moments in a relationship when the pink glasses suddenly fall off and you can see clearly. Women tell us about the moment they knew they wanted to break up.

People talk about the moment when they knew they were going to split up
People talk about the moment when they knew they were going to split up

It's a sad fact of life that some relationships - no matter how much you want them to - just don't work (anymore). Sometimes there is no real reason for it, sometimes the end happens slowly or after long deliberations; but often you can tell from the exact point in time when it fell like scales from your eyes that this person at your side is not the one after all.

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On Twitter, for example, a user wrote that he knew he was no longer in love with his wife when he offered her no help when she had to drag heavy boxes into the apartment. Another woman recently went viral with her breakup story. She knew her marriage was doomed when she urged her ex to be quiet while she was about to give birth to their child: "It took me years to separate from him, but I will never forget how clear that was to me at that moment."

We became curious and asked even more people when they knew they wanted to break up.

"I want the separation!" People talk about the moment they knew their relationship was over

Anna, 29

"We had a very emotional on-off relationship and I felt a thousand times more in love with him than he was with me. Not a good mix. Nevertheless, I always come back to him a weekend relationship wasn't exactly easy, trustworthy. At some point I got us two tickets for our favorite band. For a concert that was actually sold out long ago. I pulled out all the stops to make us happy. 3 hours beforehand he wrote me that he couldn't come after all. At that moment it was suddenly crystal clear to me. After all these years. I called him. Broke it up. Sent him his seven things in the mail. And almost looked at him 6 years of relationship never again."

Marlene, 35

"It had been clear to me for a long time that it was no longer right, but when my boyfriend at the time told me that I should no longer go to the gym, because then I would be more attractive to other men, the time for me to go was achieved."

Sabrina, 31

"The moment when his cell phone rang at two in the morning and he said 'someone' when asked, the end was clear to me!"

Lisa, 38 *

"I asked him to pick me up from the train station at 11:00 pm. It would have been a five-minute drive for him. He? Unfortunately, he didn't feel like it. I broke up the next day."

Anna, 47

"After a crisis discussion at the kitchen table, I was in tears. He stayed completely cold and was as if passed away."

Maria, 54 *

"At some point I got tired of arguing, getting upset about him. I just didn't feel anything anymore.

Daniela, 37

"Now that's a bit embarrassing, but: I've seen some movie with Ryan Gosling. I don't even know which one it was. He and his movie girlfriend were so passionate. At that moment I looked over at my snoring husband and." I knew, 'This is no longer a marriage, if anything, this is a friendship.'"

Isi, 28 *

"I had something with a guy for a few months, what you would call Gspusi. He lived in another city, was recently separated, actually still lived with his ex, but assured me that there would be nothing. When he then After all, he kept postponing appointments and didn't show up for my birthday party because everything was 'too much' for him, I already knew it. But I gave the whole thing the fatal blow when he told me he was on the train almost in front of mine Drove by the house, but didn't think it worth mentioning visiting me. He obviously belonged to the category: write, but never meet. So I also told him by phone that he should never contact me again, please …"

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