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Sorry - this behavior is NOT normal in a relationship
Sorry - this behavior is NOT normal in a relationship

6 really toxic behaviors in a relationship that most people think are perfectly normal

Caution! These toxic behaviors in a relationship are NOT normal
Caution! These toxic behaviors in a relationship are NOT normal

There are things that we do in a relationship, in a partnership, that we consider completely harmless, but are actually quite unhealthy for our psyche. Some of the behaviors that we engage in we even consider healthy, but in fact destroy our relationships. Bit by bit.

6 behaviors you should avoid in a relationship in the future - because they're damn toxic

1. You remember exactly what your partner did wrong

If one of you (or both of you) repeatedly argues about things that have long been in the past and have been resolved, you are living in the past and not in the present. At some point it's all about who has done "more" wrong in the last few months and years. Address any problems immediately and discuss them individually.

2. You expect your partner to be able to read your mind

"If he really loved me, he'd know what's going on …" Does this phrase sound familiar to you? You never really talk about your needs and desires, but at the same time you expect your partner to know what's going on anyway and then you blame him. Sorry But that's not how it works.

3. Emotional blackmail

Something annoys you or your partner and instead of openly addressing the problem do you take the whole relationship right away, question it and use "I can't be with someone like that" as blackmail? Not good. When every little thing becomes a huge drama, that's a problem.

4. You hold your partner responsible for your feelings

You had a bad day at work and your partner is so busy with himself that you don't think he has enough support for you? Then instead of seeing for yourself that you are better, you approach your partner because he or she doesn't care enough about you. Blaming your partner for your feelings and emotions is quite selfish. Of course, you should be there for one another, but you are not responsible for each other's happiness.

5. You are acting * extremely * jealous

A little jealousy is normal and somehow part of it. But extreme, controlling jealousy destroys trust and also creates quite unnecessary drama.

6. Compensation through gifts

It's not really going, you arguing and instead of talking about the actual problems do you buy expensive gifts and go on vacation together? The problem? The dispute doesn't just fizzle out like that. Better to unravel your quarrels and THEN go on vacation to celebrate your reconciliation!

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