Relationship: HE is just not doing you any good
Relationship: HE is just not doing you any good

Do you know the feeling that you give more than you take in your relationship? 5 signs that prove your boyfriend is no longer good for you.

HE is just not doing you any good …
HE is just not doing you any good …

Of course you love him. Clear. Do you love him? Sometimes we ourselves no longer know what our emotional situation really looks like. Then we confuse love suffering with real love. After all, the feelings are similarly strong.

"But I do love him," we say when girlfriends plead that we can finally end this drama. "He's not doing you any good!" then is the answer. And most of the time they are right. Still, it's so damn hard for us to pronounce the breakup, we hold onto something that crumbles before our eyes.

How do we determine that love is really at an end? That it's time to go Even when it hurts.

How you can tell that he is not doing you any good


You are afraid of his reaction. You don't even dare to say if something doesn't suit you. You are afraid that the argument will boil up again, that he will turn away from you again, no longer answer the phone or simply leave the apartment. But should that be? No. In a relationship, no one should fear the other person's reaction. If you already have a bad feeling before you even want to bring up a problem or you're constantly defending yourself, then something is clearly going wrong.


He's pulling you down. Imagine you succeeded in something. Or you are happy about something. Of course, you want to tell your partner first. And of course you expect him or her to be happy with you. And is proud of you. If, however, instead of being enthusiastic, the response is always negative, disinterested, or criticized, then he or she is trying to get you down. And you didn't deserve that.


He exposes you in front of others. There are couples who like to tease each other. It's part of their relationship. And yes: sometimes a thoughtless joke goes wrong. Can you speak to it afterwards, it has been clarified, does not appear again. What is not possible, however: If he or she belittles you in front of others with nice regularity, makes jokes at your expense and treats you badly. This also includes the fact that he or she does not introduce you to others and treats you like a companion that it is not worth it.


He doesn't see mistakes. When we argue, we say ugly things. Unfortunately, we sometimes get mean and cross boundaries. That's not nice, that's ugly, that shouldn't happen. Unfortunately it sometimes does. However, if we realize we made a mistake, then an apology is in order. A sincere insight, a plea for forgiveness. Pay attention: when did he or she apologize to you for wrongdoing? When did you get the feeling that the other person was really sorry for crossing the border?


Your arguments come at ever shorter intervals. How should we feel in a relationship? Happy. So: at least most of the time, a crash now and then can happen. But if your disputes come at ever shorter intervals, if the escalation is getting higher and higher, if the bad phases outweigh the good phases, everything is only seen as an attack and you hurt each other: PULL THE ROLLING LINE. You deserve to be happy. And in this situation, unfortunately, you won't.

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