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Can't see your boyfriend right now? 5 tips
Can't see your boyfriend right now? 5 tips

The coronavirus is currently putting a spanner in the works of many long-distance and weekend relationships. Tips on how it works anyway.

Long-distance relationship & Corona: you can't see your boyfriend right now? 5 tips!
Long-distance relationship & Corona: you can't see your boyfriend right now? 5 tips!

Every twelfth Austrian lives in a long-distance relationship. What is so often nerve-wracking is now sometimes unbearable in Corona times. Canceled flights, areas in quarantine, total lockdown, or the loved one who suddenly has to be quarantined for 14 days have given the love life the rest in 2020.

How can you still survive the next few months with social distancing and all the trimmings?

5 tips for love at a distance

1. Don't overcompensate

If you want to live together, you first have to learn to live separately. That means giving each other space, just like you would in a conventional relationship. In a long-distance relationship, you are tempted to talk as much as possible, send messages all the time, and never lose touch. This can have a negative effect on the partner, who may at some point be annoyed by the permanent "disturbances".

Therefore, one should keep in mind: As in a normal relationship, it is sometimes okay to say nothing at all. Because just talking for the sake of talking is not a lovable strategy and rather disadvantageous rather than beneficial for the relationship.

2. Establish rules

Before embarking on a long-distance relationship, both partners should be clear about what they expect from this relationship and where the limits are. Do you stay exclusive? Or do you give permission to live out your sexuality with other partners? If so, who and how?

These are difficult but necessary conversations. Every relationship is based on trust, and for a long-distance relationship to work in the long term, you have to swallow your jealousy more or less.

3. Masturbation

Saying "good morning" and "good night" every day is essential. But it is just as important that the other person knows that you will find him or her sexually attractive despite the distance. A great way to show this would be to set up a regular evening out together, pick out some porn, send the link to it, and then watch each other together during a Skype call. Of course, this is no substitute for real sex, but masturbating and talking dirty together can be very close. Maintaining a level of intimacy is incredibly important in long-distance relationships, both sexually and emotionally. This can also be ensured in a playful way with such meetings.

4. Do things together for one another

This applies to the above, but without sexuality: watching documentaries or a series on Netflix together, learning a language together, going shopping online together or buying gifts for each other. It's about doing all the things you would normally do with physical presence, also over a distance - the internet makes all of this possible!

Doing the same things at the same time can overcome the distance between two people, spatially and emotionally.

5. Remain honest

Talking about your own fears or insecurities brings couples closer together. Sharing worries instead of hiding them and supporting one another, as one would with physical presence, also allows a long-distance relationship to grow. Promises that cannot be kept are counterproductive. It is important to keep up to date about external factors in your own life, such as news or changes in your family or friends.

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