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The 5 "love languages" - How do you love?
The 5 "love languages" - How do you love?

Do you and your partner keep talking past each other? You probably just communicate differently when it comes to romance. How can the problem be solved? The five languages of love tell you.

Love Language
Love Language

"The secret that has helped millions of people strengthen and improve their relationships." The American couple and relationship counselor Gary Chapman is promoting his bestselling book "The 5 love languages". The work has already been translated countless times and promises to provide information on how to optimally communicate with one another in one's relationship.

How do you love

The book describes five categories - the different approaches people have to love. The classification should not only reveal what we long for in romantic matters, but also what we want when it comes to relationships with friends or work colleagues.

For optimal communication in all areas of life, you should therefore find out which of these five descriptions applies to you:

Praise and Recognition / Words of Affirmation

Do you like to hear a "Thank you for always being there for me" and want to be valued in the form of words? Then you fall under this category and you most of all enjoy the affection that is shown to you through appreciative statements.

If your partner is one of them, you can show him or her your love with honest compliments or appreciative words.

Common time / quality time

You put conscious togetherness with your loved ones above everything. Eating together and any other form of time spent together are essential for this guy to express appreciation.

Pay full attention to people in this category around you when you see each other and let them know that you are enjoying meeting them to the fullest. So at the next meeting: put your cell phone away!

Gifts from the Heart / Receiving Gifts

When gifts are given to you, do you burst with joy? It doesn't have to be an expensive piece of jewelry or a luxurious date - people in this category are also happy about small, material gestures.

A personal, handwritten letter or flowers show your loved ones that you think of them.

Helpfulness / acts of service

Do you support your fellow human beings without being asked and are you always looking for the next opportunity to help? According to the motto "Actions speak louder than 1000 words" you express your love through this kind of non-verbal communication.

A round of vacuuming while it's actually the other person's turn or a surprise dinner after a hard day's work: it means a lot to people who associate themselves with this love language.

Physical touch

Caresses are balm for your soul? Then physical affection is important for you to feel loved. If you are one of these people, words of encouragement have less of an effect on your well-being than a quick hug.

Holding hands, cuddling the neck or cuddling a lot: that's what people need who respond to being touched.

You can use this knowledge not only to better understand yourself and your behavior in love matters, but maybe also to overlook one or the other misunderstanding between you and your loved ones - or even to avoid it in the future.

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