So much love! Get-to-know-you stories of happy couples
So much love! Get-to-know-you stories of happy couples

The most beautiful stories are still written by life. 9 women tell how they met their great love. To dream, to melt away - and to smile.

Love, love
Love, love

One look, one sentence, one gesture. There are often tiny moments that don't seem special at first glance, but change everything. Often they are the beginning of wonderful life stories …

"My husband and I were matched. On the evening we met, we decided that we would move in together immediately. We did that too. That was now 21 years ago! We got married in Venice. Much more romance is really not possible anymore ", Dora, 47, Compliance Officer

"14 years ago, unknown to me, my fiancé yelled over two tables in the Schweizerhaus:" And I'll get you too!"

More romance is not possible with us either ", Barbara, 43, employee.

"After a breakup, I was sadly sitting on the sidewalk with a friend at Lake Constance in Lochau. She said to me: 'Now stop this winery and find the next best guy, have fun and that's it.' Shortly afterwards a delivery bus drives past on the street. 'Look, it would be that guy', I mean. But difficult when you find a man in the passing car dashing … The genius: He happened to be working at the same event as me and there we met again. Today we are married and have a son ", Sylvia, radio presenter

"Back then, my husband was a bartender in my favorite bar and didn't even recognize a flirt with flares. At some point my girlfriend's wallet was stolen there and I gave him my card in case it turned up. A few weeks later he was there privately and we talked half the night - then he texted me at four in the morning (it was in the Stone Age) because he still had my card. We haven't met by chance for 16 years … ", Tanja, 42, Owner of an advertising agency.

"Visited my parents in 2013 on their annual holiday in Southern Burgenland and mewled that there were no more dashing men. Mum dragged me to the local vinotheque, we tasted a wonderful Pinot Blanc and the door opened, a real Feschak marched in with three cartons of wine and the vinotheque says: 'And this is the man who makes the wonderful wine that you have in the glass.' The enthusiasm was mutual (not just for the wine). We are now married and have a seven-year-old daughter, "Marina, 50, lawyer

"35 years ago we went to the same school - we never met. 10 years ago we met for the first time - but we were just friends. We've been a couple for 3 years and I fall in love with each other every day him ", Kristin, 49, architect.

"We met in front of a pub. Inside was a closed event and they didn't let us in. So we spontaneously decided to move on together. Finally we exchanged phone numbers and also agreed to meet for Sunday in a bar. We were so clever, however that we gave each other their own phone number (before cell phone times, landline only). On Sunday it had rained. I also wanted to know how the NR election would go. I couldn't refuse because it wasn't in the phone book, so I moved him. Elmar went to the meeting point and waited until the early hours of the morning … Then he was a bit pissed off. But he only knew my first name and that I worked in a law firm. So he started at A, persisted on the phone and only asked for one Verena until he finally found what he was looking for at D. Fortunately, a Verena never worked anywhere else In a Tyrolean way, he accused me of having moved him, and I found that so sweet that we agreed to meet again. The beginning of now 26 years. After 16 we got married. Since then we have seen each other practically around the clock, because we also founded a company together ", Verena, 51, publisher

"I studied as an Erasmus student in Sweden and fell in love with the country. Four years later, as a gift for my graduation, my parents financed a flight to a friend's wedding for me. At that wedding, a blond, very likeable Swede sat for one evening This Swede has been my husband for 14 years now, we have two children, 8 and 11, and Sweden has become my second home ", Verena, 44, Executive Assistant at Webster Vienna Private University.

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