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Constant cravings? 11 food hacks for the quarantine period
Constant cravings? 11 food hacks for the quarantine period

At home in your own four walls, there is a lot of snacking - even if you are not necessarily hungry. Nutrition coach Magdalena Henkel has 11 food hacks that we should remember!

Constant cravings? 11 food hacks for when you are at home!
Constant cravings? 11 food hacks for when you are at home!

You are probably like us - home office doesn't get along so well with the figure: the refrigerator door somehow magically attracts you. And the candy drawer is always within reach. That's why we got tips from nutrition expert Magdalena Henkel. What really helps against food cravings now?

11 tips to get your food cravings under control


Try to eat enough with your main meals. Healthy and balanced (do not overeat!). Those who do not eat properly and go hungry tend to have food cravings more easily and then it usually becomes the unhealthy salty or sweet snack (chocolate, chips, etc.).


Find healthy snacks that you like and keep your appetite in check. A handful of nuts, for example, can work wonders, fill you up and is also the perfect brain food for home office and brain work. Also ideal: berries, an apple, vegetable sticks, vegetable chips, smoothies, energy balls (you can find the recipe for making yourself HERE).


Portion in the morning. I love nuts and really have to be careful not to greedily reach into the drawer several times a day. That's why I try to take out my daily ration in the morning so as not to lose track.


Drink enough water. Increased fluid intake inhibits appetite and simulates a feeling of fullness. Sucking an ice cube can also help.


Try to distract yourself for 5 minutes - call a friend, do squats, clean up. Food cravings cannot be explained rationally, the psyche is playing tricks on us here. Distraction can actually help, as the approach can be over quickly. If you still want to nibble something, then deliberately treat yourself to a little something that you enjoy slowly and not gobble down.


Give your stomach a break. Just as you need breaks from work or everyday life, the body needs breaks to eat. A snack in the morning and afternoon is okay, constant snacks are counterproductive and encourage cravings.


Hide far away. If there are unhealthy snacks in the household, they should be stored in such a way that they cannot be easily accessed. In no case let it in view - that would be pure torture.


Brush teeth. Brushed teeth and fresh breath interrupt the previous taste experience after a meal. Instead of a toothbrush, you can also use a mint-flavored chewing gum to suppress your appetite.


Accept setbacks. And don't just slide in the entire package after a biscuit out of frustration. Simply start all over again with motivation.


Stay away from industrial sugar! When you next go shopping, drive past the candy shelf and proudly pat yourself on the shoulder.


Change your diet step by step. Unfortunately, industrial sugar is addictive and is always within reach in our society. Resisting 100 percent is very difficult, but we can consciously counteract this with the tips above. Change instead of doing without and create new eating routines. It'll get better, I promise!

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