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Postpone wedding? This is not the end of the world
Postpone wedding? This is not the end of the world

Dear newlyweds, postponing a wedding does not mean having to cancel it. Calm your blood - what needs to be considered now.

Corona: postpone the wedding? Tips on what to do now
Corona: postpone the wedding? Tips on what to do now

Are you afraid that you will not be able to celebrate your wedding because it is scheduled for early summer? Do you have friends and family that you actually wanted to have flown in from abroad? Or does your wedding even fall within the deadline of the current contact ban? We understand your excitement and despair. Anyone who has just been affected by short-time work or has been unemployed is at least financially restricted - but EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!

We have a few tips for you on how to make the most of this situation. Because: postponed does not mean canceled!

Is your wedding in danger of falling into the water because of the coronavirus? You can do that now


Provide overview! How far are you with the planning? Write a list of all service providers with whom you have already paid down payments or with whom you have signed contracts. What are the cancellation policy? Can you postpone deliveries?


How critical is it really? Are you planning to get married in May or June? Then you'd better take care of postponing your wedding right away. Bridal couples who get married later, i.e. from July, should wait until the end of April and evaluate the situation. Try to stay calm and not get stressed!


Replacement date? Do you have to postpone your wedding? Then work off your priority list. It would be wise to first check your locations and ask for alternative dates. Postponements are currently usually carried out at no additional cost - after all, we are all currently in the same corona boat …


Winter weddings are great! Do you really want to get married this year? Winter weddings are becoming more and more of a trend! HERE you can find out how a magic winter wedding can work.


Communication, communication, communication! We say it again: postpone, don't cancel. Right now it's about sticking together. Wedding service providers are mostly rather small companies that are currently struggling to survive. Even if that means maybe not being able to get married on a Friday or Saturday in 2021 - Sunday weddings are also attractive. And who doesn't like long weekends?


Inform the guests! Let your guests know of the new date using the "Change the Date" card so that no hotel rooms can be booked or existing bookings can be postponed in good time.


FRIENDLY YOU DAMN! We are fine, we are healthy, we want to celebrate love - especially after all the corona madness. So please try to treat each other in a respectful and solution-oriented manner. Wedding planners, pastry chefs, photographers, make-up artists, pastors - they all want your best, so please stay calm and understanding!

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