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6 engagement rings we'll dream of tonight
6 engagement rings we'll dream of tonight

Whether you are ready to ask the question of all questions or just want to see what beautiful rings are on the market - these 6 models will blow your mind.

engagement rings trend
engagement rings trend

This year, some bridal couples have a tough time because their summer and spring weddings have (or have to) almost certainly have to be postponed. But maybe that's not that bad, because the main thing is that you keep loving each other! Even if you crouch on top of each other 24/7 because of the Corona crisis.

If you need a little inspiration for the engagement ring - here are six super trendy models that we will surely discover on celebrity fingers in the near future:

Colored stone:

Katy Perry and her sweetheart Orlando Bloom showed the way: The parents-to-be got engaged in 2019 and immediately posted a picture of the unusual ring on Instagram. And the colorful little flower proves that playful engagement rings can also be showstoppers.

Halo ring:

This style comes from the Victorian times. The highlight: the middle stone is framed by small stones. This gives the ring an extra bling factor, no matter how big or small the gemstone in the middle is.


It's coolest, of course, when you do it like the royals: just pass on the prettiness of your ancestors to your loved ones! But if you don't have a beautiful vintage ring at home, you can simply let yourself be inspired by the style of the old-fashioned pieces and buy a new one.

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Baguette stack:

The baguette cut refers to the long, rectangular shape of the stones. This engagement ring is for all those who love it to be flashy. Especially when you then wear more than one such ring.

Pavé rings:

These rings are characterized by the small, sparkling diamonds that are placed along the band. Those who like things simpler, but still have nothing against glamor, can then wear their pavé engagement ring stacked with the wedding ring!

Two stones:

Yes, these are not two separate diamond rings on Emily Ratajkowski's finger, but a ring with two fat stones. With this model, the glamor factor is particularly high! But you also have to like to wear larger rings. Those who normally only have very fine parts on their fingers may not warm up so quickly with the unfamiliar weight.

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