Instead of vows, the bride reads out her husband's scam SMS
Instead of vows, the bride reads out her husband's scam SMS

The most beautiful day in your life? Pure romance? Not at all with this couple! Because the bride exposed her deceitful but-not-husband in front of the altar.

Instead of vows, the bride reads out her husband's scam SMS
Instead of vows, the bride reads out her husband's scam SMS

It was the night before their wedding. Casey was having a glass of champagne with her bridesmaids when a message appeared on her phone with a number she didn't recognize. Thinking of no evil, she glanced at it and at that moment her entire life was to be turned upside down.

Because the message consisted of pictures and screenshots that revealed the affair of her fiancé Alex with another woman, introduced with the words: "I would not marry him. Will you do it?"

“I wouldn't marry him. Are you going to do it?"

The screenshots showed messages from her boyfriend to a woman that were exchanged up to a few days before the wedding date. Spicy messages like "This weekend. You and me. It's going to be hot!" Or "Your body is amazing. And you know how to use it. I wish my girlfriend had half your skills."

The shock was deep for the young bride, but suddenly some things that had haunted her mind for a long time began to make sense. She realized that she had unconsciously suspected the fraud for a long time. But now she had the proof.

Her friends asked her to cancel the wedding, but she couldn't think clearly, so she decided to sleep over it for a night instead. When she woke up, she felt like she knew exactly what to do.

She wouldn't cancel her wedding, but instead of reading her vows, she would "out" Alex as a cheater and read the texts to her family and friends.

In her lovingly chosen wedding dress, with full make-up and hairstyle, she walked to the altar. But shortly before, she stopped and turned to all the visitors: "There will be no wedding today. It seems that Alex is not who I thought he was."

Alex immediately tried to take her hands. She shook it off, took out her cell phone, and read the news aloud. While these were being heard by everyone, all the color went off the groom's face. And all of a sudden he left the church and his best man followed him.

She turned to the guests again and said: "I love you all and as terrible as that is, I am glad that you are all here. There will be no wedding reception today, but a festival of honesty, the search for true love and that I followed my heart, even when it hurt."

The bride (whose name was changed) shared her story with the Australian magazine "Whimn". And we can only take our hats off to her decision and wish her that everything will be different with the next man!

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