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At what age you'd better not get married
At what age you'd better not get married

At what age should you get married? We do not know. But at least when not! Because research was carried out on the age at which the risk of a later divorce increases …

At what age you'd better not get married
At what age you'd better not get married

"Child, don't marry too young!" once my great-aunt whispered a warning at a family celebration. And it seems: she's right there, the good one!

At least when it comes to science. The University of Utah examined the data from the American National Survey of Family Growth - for the period from 2006 to 2016 - to find out when the perfect age is to get married.

Unfortunately, the researchers did not find that out after all. Instead, based on the numerous statistics, they could read something else. Namely that there is an age when it is better not to get married. Because if you get married at this age, the probability that you will divorce again increases by 50 percent (!).

A wedding at this age increases the risk of divorce

But let's be specific: If you get married at the age of 20, the risk of divorce is 50% higher than if you get married at 25. Watch out, it gets even better: From the age of 25, with every year that you continue to wait until the wedding, the later risk of divorce drops by 11 percent.

Unfortunately, there is still a catch to the matter…. Because the risk doesn't just keep decreasing. It was clear. From the age of 32, the curve becomes more negative again. Then the risk of divorce increases by five percent with every additional year. Mow

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The sociologist Nicholas Wolfinger, who carried out the study, explains the phenomenon as follows: "We suspect that this negative development from the age of 32 has something to do with past life. In the mid-30s, you already have some relationships and, associated with them, emotional conflicts. You carry it into your marriage like a backpack - which can lead to problems more quickly. " However, Wolfinger points out that the causes were not ascertained. "We only used the statistics."

Fortunately, we don't live by statistics. Because what would the moral of this story be: If you marry too early, you are doomed to failure. If you get married later, you too are doomed to failure. But we want to believe in true love at any age …

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