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6 tips to keep you in a good mood on your wedding day
6 tips to keep you in a good mood on your wedding day

The wedding should be the best day of your life. But honestly: It also means stess. 6 tips to keep you in a good mood as a bride.

6 tips to keep you in a good mood on your wedding day
6 tips to keep you in a good mood on your wedding day

Your wedding should be a day when you are only happy. Everything should run smoothly, everyone should have fun, you want to enjoy it. But every bride will confirm to you: Despite the most detailed planning and preparation of the ceremony, reception and party, extremely many things can go wrong. Bad weather, blisters on your feet, music that starts too late or too early, a lukewarm to cold meal….

The biggest disaster, however, is a wedding with a bride who gets in a bad mood with all the little disasters. Even if things don't go as planned, here are six tips to ensure that you as the bride stay as overjoyed as you deserve it.

Tips: So the bride can enjoy the wedding without stress


NAME A PERSON WHO TAKES CARE OF "THAT ONE THING". There is always something in the run-up to a wedding that can really stress a bride. The relative who becomes a ticking time bomb after a few glasses of wine too much because he decides to tell everyone the "truth" now. The question of how to go to the bathroom in this tulle dream of a wedding dress. Or that the guests are bored while you are shooting the wedding photos with your husband. The solution: delegate problem-solving to someone. Your sister, your BFF, or whoever you trust to take care of it. Then you can focus on more important things. For example the steps of the wedding dance …


BRING SAMPLE PHOTOS FOR HAIR AND MAKEUP. How you look on the most important day naturally has a huge impact on your mood. So don't trust a make-up artist or hair stylist with an open mind that they will do your hair and make-up perfectly on your wedding day (even if they did the bridal manicure at the Kardashians wedding). It is best if you can do a test run in the weeks before. If that doesn't work, be sure to bring photos of the hairstyle and make-up that you have in mind. This ensures that you are wearing soft beach waves and not cheesy 80s barrel curls.


TRUST THE DJ. Discuss with the wedding DJ in advance which musical direction you want and which songs are absolutely mandatory. But otherwise let the professional do it. He knows exactly how to keep a mood boiling, which song should follow which and how to switch musically from "romantic" to "party sound". If it suddenly occurs to you that "It's Raining Day" is the song you want to dance to in the second - give the DJ the time to fit the song into his set.


JUST RELAX. A wedding is moving - and cannot be perfectly planned. Relax, even if the priest is 10 minutes late, it is raining cats and dogs or the band leader pronounces your name strangely. All these apparent catastrophes are in truth nothing more than the stuff that you can laugh about together on your honeymoon.


BRING COMFORTABLE SHOES. The Jimmy Choos are the most expensive shoes you have ever bought. Of course, the best is just good enough for a wedding. But that doesn't mean you have to compulsively wear them all evening. Also bring a pair of pretty ballerinas in which you can walk and dance comfortably. Nothing is more terrible than sore feet and blisters on the night of the night.


FORGET THE CHECKLIST - AND DANCE! Dance floor free, now the bride comes. Of course, your mom thinks you should be at each table for at least half an hour and greet each great-aunt. But honestly, why not just take people to where the party is going? You can also say hello to Aunt Evi and Uncle Walter when you march through the room with a party polonaise. Maybe they'll even join in? Also, if the bride has a fantastic time, so will everyone else …

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