Viennese woman is looking for a dream man through a poster
Viennese woman is looking for a dream man through a poster

On the Internet, in the supermarket - how do you really find the one who suits you best? This single mom from Vienna tried something completely different: She posted her search for love! We met her and asked what everyone naturally wants to know: Did it work?

Viennese woman is looking for a dream man through a poster
Viennese woman is looking for a dream man through a poster

Advertising posters are now part of the cityscape and sometimes we no longer notice the advertising displayed on them. Unless there is something really extraordinary to see. Like a woman who advertises herself in this way to find her dream man.

This is exactly what Bernadette dared to do: Her likeness was emblazoned on a poster at Vienna Central Station for a month and then for another month on the Praterstern. Together with the words "A date with me. Where are we going? Get to know me and send me a message to"

But hello! This really is a new way of looking for love. Or even better: to be found by her. Because you really can't overlook a cupid like that, can you? We asked the local pioneer of new dating ideas what everyone will want to know: Did it work? And a little more:

WOMAN: How do you get the idea to present yourself on a poster and look for a date?

Bernadette: I was abroad for a long time, then I came back to Austria and thought about what I could do professionally. So I contacted two friends who jointly founded the event agency "Slow Dating Events Vienna" to see if they might need a new employee. We started talking and they told me about an idea that they had had for a long time, but for which they would be looking for a single woman who is brave enough to have herself or her search for love depicted on a poster.

After sleeping on it for a night, it was clear to me: this is me! I really like to be in the center of attention, like to be photographed, sing on stage, play theater - and am a single mom! So I asked them if they would like to do this to me.

How many dates have you had so far thanks to the poster?

Bernadette: I have to say first: I was mainly interested in having fun. I am also more likely to believe that I will meet my future love in real life. But there were actually a lot of addresses in - 50 and still increasing. I've only met three of them so far.

And how successful were these meetings?

Bernadette: The dates were all good, but unfortunately it was immediately clear to me - there was nothing more. The dream man wasn't there yet. But the entire experience was so fun that it definitely paid off. With the letters I received there were so many nice compliments like "Wow - respect, you are such a cool woman that you dare to do it!".

Have you tried other dating options as well?

Bernadette: I checked out Tinder once - but that didn't convince me. Otherwise I haven't tried anything in that direction. I'm more of an old school - it really has to work. Everything is more complicated only with a child.


Would you do it again

Bernadette: No - that was a unique story for me. Because I am of the opinion that love shouldn't cost anything. With some dating agencies I have the feeling that it is said that if you pay so and so much, then you have the guarantee of the dream partner. But love is priceless!

And I am convinced that I can find love in real life - although the poster is definitely a hybrid of virtual and real life. After all, you could get to know me practically life-size.

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