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New Online Dating Platform: I tried Facebook Dating
New Online Dating Platform: I tried Facebook Dating

Swiping left or right has a new name: Facebook Dating launched a few days ago in Austria. What can the new flirt portal do?

New Online Dating Platform: I tried Facebook Dating
New Online Dating Platform: I tried Facebook Dating

In times of social distancing, online dating portals are booming like never before. Getting to know someone similarly became an absolute challenge in the last six months. So the launch of Facebook Dating comes in handy. The dating portal should actually have gone online in the spring of this year. Now it took a few more months. The good news: the service (like so many other platforms) is free. The bad: Those who expect something new will unfortunately be disappointed. Facebook dating is a classic dating platform like Tinder, Bumble or similar. But there are a few goodies …

Facebook dating in the test

Quick creation of the profile

Most people who want to use this application probably already have the Facebook app on their mobile phones. The creation of the profile now only takes a few minutes. Facebook pulls the data from its own profile.

More information

An absolute plus point about Facebook dating: users are encouraged to disclose more information. Interests, desire for children, height - almost everything is queried, but can just as easily be skipped. Users can also indicate what type of relationship they are currently looking for. So if you are looking for something permanent, you can sort out those who are looking for casual acquaintances.

Suggestions based on mutual friends

After you put it on, you can already start: Using the classic left-right-swipe principle, you select potential matches. The partner suggestions are based on common interests or friends on Facebook. A good starting point for starting a conversation!

View skipped profile suggestions again

What do I like best about Facebook's dating service? If you have accidentally swiped to the left, you can look at the profile suggestions again.

And because we practice serious journalism here, we have of course also obtained a male opinion. A user who gives his opinion here under "Loverboy92" appreciates the view of the likes before the actual match. That means: you can already see in advance who has given you a like. Thus, you will immediately get to a safe match if you also like the person.

Can I see if I am using the dating service on Facebook?

No. Despite being embedded in the Facebook app, the functions of Facebook and Facebook dating are strictly separated. You can even add up to nine so-called "Secret Crushes". You can also get to a match faster with people who are already on your Facebook or Instagram list. If the person in question has also secretly tagged you, you will be shown a match. So for all those who have always wanted to write to their loved ones from the friends list …


Overall, the Facebook dating app is pleasant to use, but it doesn't bring much that is new. Still, it's worth a try … After all, the more the app is used, the more interesting it gets.

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