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Please stop wishing your ex a "Happy Birthday"
Please stop wishing your ex a "Happy Birthday"

Honestly? Just leave your ex alone. We looked at the whole thing from * both * perspectives.

Should I give my ex
Should I give my ex

Now there is a person with whom you may have shared your life, your bed, maybe even your apartment for years. And we understand that it is not always easy to break off contact from now on. It doesn't matter whether you are the one who broke up or the one abandoned.

At some point there comes a point where you run out of excuses as to why you absolutely had to get in touch. So if you are wondering if it is a good idea to send your ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend a very harmless "Happy Birthday", we have a very clear answer for you: Is not it.

Listen to me: "Blocking contacts" is the only way to get over a breakup

The longer answer, however, is a bit more complicated, and even relationship experts don't seem to agree entirely on this question. Above all, the matter must also be viewed from two perspectives.

When you can wish your ex "all the best" very well

If you have parted on good terms, are still in regular contact and a "Happy Birthday" really just means "Happy Birthday", it is totally OK and acceptable to send such a message.

In other cases, you should just put the phone away

Did the breakup (and also the relationship) just finish you off? Then please don't wake sleeping dogs. Rather invest your time in other people. And even if you're the one who ended the relationship and your ex is slowly getting over the breakup, you shouldn't be sending the wrong signals. Better leave the SMS.

The opposite of "good" is often "well meant", especially in love. You may think such a text message is a nice touch, but behind these few words there are supposedly hidden messages. A "Happy Birthday" to your ex is always a bit like "Look, I'm * something * from the two of us. I can even wish you all the best and it's totally OK for me!" Who then adds a "I hope you are fine" or an "I know, we haven't heard each other for a long time" or an "I know we didn't exactly part on good terms" after the "Happy Birthday", may spoil the birthday boy all day.

Because it is torn back into the past, or is still not completely over the breakup, is a little in love or is very hurt. The best gift you can give an ex who you haven't been in touch with or who hasn't ended up nicely is just to leave them alone. Thanks for the attention.

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