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The corona crisis changed my dating life - for the better
The corona crisis changed my dating life - for the better

Data has never been so easy and promising, says our editor. Why the pandemic has exceptionally advantages that play into the hands of singles.

The corona crisis changed my dating life - for the better!
The corona crisis changed my dating life - for the better!

Let's face it: being solo is actually great. Unless you're in lockdown. Or generally in a crisis. The last few weeks and months have been really tough for people living alone. If the only physical contact is a hug with your own mother, who has already had Corona, all alarm bells ring. After all, touch reduces stress. And we all have more than enough of that. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, because, in my opinion, getting to know someone has never been so easy, honest and promising as it is now.

Well, those adjectives seem a bit over the top. Online dating is actually pretty damn exhausting. In the last few months there have been a few glimmers of hope that have positively influenced my love life …

Why is NOW a good time to get to know someone?

Many are currently realizing that eternal single existence may not be for them after all. At least there is no possibility of opening a new one-night stand every weekend. In other words: the loneliness is great, the distraction small. In exceptional situations we long for a solid bond: "As everyday practice shows, young people between the ages of 25 and 35 in particular suffer from loneliness and now recognize the value of a fixed partnership," says psychotherapist Katrin Wippersberg from the Vienna Couch.

"On the other hand, the desire for classic online dating has declined because it is currently difficult to meet each other anyway. But if they do, many people try to date more seriously," explains Wippersberg. There is no general answer to whether it has become easier. After all, many factors play together, according to the expert.

Longing for a monogamous relationship increases

One thing is certain: In exceptional situations, we reflect on the essentials: "In times when you experience so many restrictions, the need for togetherness and cohesion increases", says Wippersberg. Stability, support and basic values such as family and partnership have suddenly become more important. But there are also many fears involved: "For example, of being alone or not belonging," confirms the psychotherapist.


In my opinion, something else also plays an important role: Deprivation makes the whole thing really exciting. Two people who would really like to see each other, but have to bridge the time with video calls until both have a negative corona test - that is real romance in 2021. Do you know the films in which couples longingly write love letters until they meet at the end of the day, despite all the adversities, embrace your arms with relief? That's something that's what dating feels like right now - when it's going well.

"The complex web of 100 irons in the fire, an ex-boyfriend who then knocked again and the last turbulent club night was undermined by the pandemic."

A lot is now invested in things that used to be taken for granted. Time with other people is a valuable asset. Touching the other's hand - suddenly an extraordinary moment (you can only endure so much kitsch now).

But basically: getting to know each other slowly has many advantages anyway. However, very few really pulled it off. The pandemic is forcing us to give time to things. That goes for those singles who are ready for something special. All those who are just waiting until they can break their personal Barney Stinson record again, one can advise: Hold on - the next party is sure to come.

Deeper, more sincere conversations

The obligatory "How are you?" is not just simply said, it is really meant seriously. How does the potential Gspusi actually cope with the fourth lockdown? What has become important to all of us? And how do we deal with this situation? The topics of conversation are not only more profound, but also a lot more honest. Added to this is the need for security and cohesion - being able to rely on someone in these already complex times became more important.

What if it doesn't work out? If I have lost interest, I give direct answers. If I am being dumped myself, I will ask for some. Because that is the least we can do for each other in this already difficult time.

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