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The reason your ex is calling back? We just say: "Cuffing Season"
The reason your ex is calling back? We just say: "Cuffing Season"

What does "Cuffing Season" actually mean? Just a few keywords: winter, darkness, Christmas and the reason why your ex is calling * now * …

The reason your ex is calling back? We just say
The reason your ex is calling back? We just say

Dear ones, it's that time again. The "cuffing season" has reached its climax. Cuffing - huh? If you only understand train station - read on. Because "Cuffing Season" is an English term that is currently also being used in our everyday language (why say it in German when you can also express it with anglicisms - oh, different discussion).

What does "Cuffing Season" mean?

The "cuffing season" (roughly translated: the season of putting someone handcuffed) describes the phenomenon of quickly organizing a cuddle partner for the cold season towards the end of the year. Spend christmas alone? Nah. And the lockdown also does the rest. Many feel * now * the urge for a fixed partnership and monogamy.

Your ex will be in touch again?

Suddenly, former affairs or ex-partners get in touch again, do strangers send you friend requests on Facebook and Tinder? Probably more in use right now than ever. Many of you may feel the urge to get in touch with someone from the past yourself. Finally, you ask yourself the question: "Why didn't we become anything?"

"Nobody wants to be alone for New Year's Eve."

Is it really the case that in winter you suddenly develop an increased need for togetherness? Very obviously. Relationship expert and author Eric Hegmann (“Die Traumprinz-Trap”) confirms: "It is a mixture of the feeling of being alone on cold, long winter evenings and the resolution to change something in the New Year. Nobody wants to be on New Year's Eve Being alone. Friends are curled up with the family or with their partner - even for self-confident and satisfied singles, the longing for a relationship is often strong again."

Sounds kind of obvious. But how do you do that now? Here are a few tips on how to survive the cuffing season as a single or how to organize a nice cuddle friend for cold evenings:

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