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Finding love in times of pandemic? How Cupid becomes more purposeful
Finding love in times of pandemic? How Cupid becomes more purposeful

Again, still lockdown? Especially now many singles are longing for a relationship, for love and security. What helps so that Cupid doesn't always miss.

Finding love in times of pandemic? How Cupid becomes more purposeful
Finding love in times of pandemic? How Cupid becomes more purposeful

Lockdown year and single?

2020 is a particularly humble year for singles. Lots of time in your own four walls to think and to be unhappy and to get to know someone spontaneously in times of social distancing. The right low point, then, to plan and to be clear about how you can increase the chances of meeting the right partner as soon as the lockdown is over and what qualities the future better half must bring.

Prefer offline when looking for love?

And even if it sounds unromantic at first to plan a relationship strategically, it works and makes sense. Because finding a partner rarely has anything to do with chance. If you don't meet, you can't become a couple. Sounds strange - but that's how it is. The survey figures definitely confirm my theory: every third couple gets to know each other among friends and acquaintances. 22 percent find great love at work or at university. 15 percent when going out and 11 percent when they share a hobby (and by the way, only 5 percent can be found on the Internet).

Who seeks, who or who finds

In theory, of course, you can meet your great love anywhere, but in practice your long-term happiness is mostly in your own environment. According to studies, the following applies today more than ever: Relationships last much longer if both have a similar social and cultural background, can meet on an equal footing, and have a similar background. Nowadays the lawyer in reality connects more with colleague Magistra than with the nurse, and even the manageress usually only finds her lasting happiness with the plumber in a romance novel. For a stable relationship it just needs matches and some kind of soulmate. And why: Because similarities are a success factor for stability in partnerships. And by the way: just being single is not a commonality!

Love marketing among friends

Especially in times of social distancing and small, private get-togethers among friends, people close to you who act as hobby Cupids are very valuable. Who knows better than your closest friend who suits you and what you are looking for. Confide in someone who either knows you well or who analyzes you closely. Open up and dare the coordinated step into a new togetherness!

Partnership with a seal of approval

Do it - either in a private environment or with professional mediation: Just let yourself be paired. And if the spark doesn't jump over on the first try - don't give up. Because if an offline date was successful, the first hurdles have already been overcome. A minimum of "basic sympathy" and "fit together" is definitely given thanks to the considerations of your mediator, and another lockdown as a single moves into the distance.

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Eva Kinauer-Bechter has been running one of the most exclusive dating agencies in Austria for 20 years. Your target group are demanding, financially independent people who are looking for a serious and long-term partnership. In the course of personal interviews, the expert develops hand-picked and individual requirement and personality profiles. Instead of impersonal computer algorithms, the right partner from the client pool is sought with a high degree of professionalism and knowledge of human nature.

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