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Online dating: with these 17 tips it finally works
Online dating: with these 17 tips it finally works

The dating world is a tough one. Online dating platforms are also not excluded from this. But how do you find great love? 17 ways to success!

Online dating: with these 17 tips it finally works!
Online dating: with these 17 tips it finally works!

The lockdown is over, summer is here and many singles can breathe a sigh of relief: Finally dating again! As is so often the case in life, you sometimes get in your own way when it comes to love and data. Completely understandable, after all we are pretty much out of practice due to the circumstances of the past year. If you no longer want to remain partnerless, you should jump over your shadow and plunge into dating life. With these 17 tips, love could finally work!

17 Tips For Successful Online Dating

1. Say YES to dating and relationships

If this yes has not yet been said, the search for a partner is often half-hearted and effort is avoided. The clearer that partner seekers make their desire for a relationship, the more ready they are to find an effective partner. Even so, it is important not to let it stress you out excessively. It doesn't spark immediately with every date! Stay chilled.

2. Overcome inhibitions and self-doubt

Inhibitions and self-doubts can block the search for a partner. Dating seekers who believe they are unattractive or unlovable tend to engage in passive dating behavior. They convey their negative self-image to the other person, which of course puts them off. Relationships with others will always prove difficult until you are at peace with yourself.

3. Let go of previous relationships

When looking for a partner, old relationships are often in the background. Those who do not clearly distinguish themselves from old relationships have no room for new things and often end up in the same situation as before. Anyone who continues to hold on to an old relationship or who cannot yet break it off should not start looking for a partner yet. But if you break away, you can let a new person into your life.

4. Trust online dating

Trust is a prerequisite for us to be active in the search for a partner and to stick with it until we are successful. Those who do not trust their own partner search from the outset often show too little commitment and perseverance.

5. Invest time … and patience

At best, a partnership should last a long time and is one of the most important factors in happiness in life. A longer search is worthwhile for this. An (online) partner search can be quick, but sometimes it can take a few years. If you stay with it, one day you will meet the right person. Do not give up.

6. Think about yourself and your search criteria

We often let ourselves be guided by old patterns and end up with the same problems over and over again. The recipe for this is to use the partner search as an opportunity to think about yourself and your own search criteria. This is how change becomes possible. A new relationship can arise in which the old mistakes are not repeated.

7. What is important to you?

Anyone who gets bogged down in countless requirements rarely succeeds in finding a partner. Success is achieved by those who can refrain from superficial trifles and instead place central values in the foreground of the search.

8. Communicate openly and authentically

A partner search is not an application, but an encounter. Long-term partner happiness can only arise if those involved are authentic, open and honest. Adjustment only leads to short-term apparent success. It's about throwing yourself in the balance as you are, in order to find the one who likes that person - for who you are.

9. Find a balance

A partner is not an add-on that you can order and then just get on with your life. A partnership always requires change. Those who work out for themselves what should actually be retained and what can be changed are successful.

10. Love knows no boundaries

Only a third of the online couples surveyed did the new relationship develop in their geographical proximity. The average distance was 200 km, 10 percent of the successful online daters were even 500 km between them and their partner. Relationship satisfaction and happiness in life did not differ between couples who initially lived closer or farther away. Distance does not prevent you from building a happy and sustainable love relationship. Much more important is the correspondence between the central values and goals in life. Those who can accept this have a good chance of finding the dream partner.

11. Get in touch

Anyone who scrolls through lists of suggestions in online dating and quickly selects a photo will rarely find a new relationship. Successful are those who take every suggestion seriously and get in touch in order to sound out existing similarities and a possible relationship. A quarter of successful online daters initially found their current partner's suggestion not interesting. Only half of the members questioned were firmly attracted to the proposal. In all cases, however, a partnership relationship developed.

12. Meet

The willingness to meet quickly is an important success factor in dating. Because online contacts in particular often fall asleep if those involved don't meet outside of the Internet soon. A time horizon of a few days to a few weeks is ideal. Anything beyond that often leads to a contact getting stuck.

13. Disappointments are not the end of the world

Those who let themselves be deterred by negative experiences usually remain partnerless. The correct approach to online dating is to see negative experiences as barriers to reaching your goal that can be removed. The motto is to move on and leave the negative experiences behind. Nevertheless you have to be careful every now and then. Here you can read about the warning signs to watch out for when dating online.

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