Do you go for a walk? How to turn it into a workout
Do you go for a walk? How to turn it into a workout

Lockdown time = walk time! And so that we can get a little more out of the fresh air, we make a workout out of it.

walk workout
walk workout

Even during the second lockdown, we are "allowed" to leave the house for physical activity. This can be a run, a walk or a walk. And although the latter doesn't seem like an intense workout, you can still get a lot of power out of the most normal human movement. A simple walk can turn into walking quite easily.

As always, don't overdo it, increase slowly!


The right distance:

A long walk means something different for everyone. But if you want to increase your usual routine, you can follow the 10 percent rule: You should increase your distance by 10 percent every time.

If you don't have the distance on your screen, but rather just look at the time, you can still improve. For example, if you walk for an hour, the next time it's an hour and six minutes …


The right technique:

A stretched, straight posture is very important. And: bend your arms as if you were running and swing them more vigorously than you normally would while walking. In this way you stabilize your upright posture and mobilize your shoulders. All in all, it makes your gait more dynamic overall.


The right pace

If you see walking as a workout, you should increase the pace slowly. But the rule is that you do not get completely out of breath. Because it is better to be able to walk for a long time without a break than to sprint briefly. There is a healthy way to get your heart rate up by alternating between a fast and normal pace. At first the ratio should look like this: 1: 2. For example, two minutes fast, four minutes slow - and so on.


Increase yourself:

The fitter and more practiced you get, the more challenges you can face. In the city it can be stairs or steep streets. If you walk in nature, you should climb hills more often. Be careful not to get out of breath and master the incline in one tour.

Even a slightly more demanding terrain has a positive effect on training. Because with so-called cross-walking, tendons and ligaments are particularly strongly trained.


Try Nordic walking sticks:

By using the sticks, the whole body is trained as all muscle groups are involved. This then not only drives the pulse higher, but also stimulates the metabolism more. Pssst: This also increases the calorie consumption!

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