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Can I go hiking or climbing right now?
Can I go hiking or climbing right now?

Just in time for the second corona lockdown, late autumn shows itself in its most beautiful splendor. But is hiking or climbing even allowed now?

Winter hiking
Winter hiking

Here in Austria we are in the middle of the second lockdown, almost everything is closed. Also the fitness studios and climbing halls. We are only allowed out for specific reasons. This also includes the physical and mental recovery. You can even use public transport or your car.

So can I continue hiking or climbing in lockdown?

YES, because: From a legal point of view, climbing gardens are “paths”, not “sports facilities”. Drilled multi-pitch tours and alpine climbing routes are covered by the free accessibility or the freedom of paths (i.e. forest and wasteland).

Of course, the basic rules for mountain sports also apply to climbing. What does that mean in concrete terms? Mountain sports are only possible alone, with people living in the same household, or with individual important caregivers. The corresponding distance rules must also be observed.

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You should also respect these rules so that you can safely practice outdoor sports even in the corona lockdown:

  • Only healthy in nature and in the mountains: consider the risk of infection for others and the corona-related difficulties in rescue missions.
  • Refrain from usual rituals - for example shaking hands, hugs, summit busses, offering water bottles to others …
  • Observe hygiene rules: Especially when several people use sports equipment, regularly wash their hands or disinfect them. Take mouth and nose protection and disinfectant in your backpack.
  • First aid: As a first aider, proceed according to the generally applicable and current first aid guidelines and also use mouth and nose protection and disposable gloves.
  • In carpooling and taxi rides, only two people may sit in each row of seats, and they must also wear close-fitting mouth and nose protection. When traveling by public, close-fitting mouth and nose protection must be worn and the distance of one meter must be kept as close as possible.

Fresh air and exercise is good for us right now in this crazy time. We are also convinced of that. In order not to burden hospitals even more, it is once again essential to correctly assess your own limits. If in doubt, take the leisurely hike, don't take any risks and enjoy doing sports!

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