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I tried the Caro Daur workout & died
I tried the Caro Daur workout & died

I tried the training of mega influencer Caro Daur and that is my summary. Spoiler: A certain basic level of fitness makes perfect sense!

I tried the Caro Daur workout and it happened
I tried the Caro Daur workout and it happened

OK - I admit: I underestimated the training! And that properly! At this point, I have to admit that I may have played down the job of blogger and influencer per se a little bit at one time or another … In addition to traveling, posing, taking photos, visiting various events, and constantly "talking to yourself" on the phone (story function Thanks), press days and tons of collaborations, most influencers also want (or should) be in top shape, which is quite a challenge with an average 15 to 16 hour day!

14 Minutes Fat Burn HIIT Full Body Workout by Caro Daur

Well, I thought, being in top shape can't hurt me either! In the last few weeks I let myself go a little … So why not try the new training course for one of the biggest German influencers? This is a so-called HIIT training - a high intensity interval training that originally comes from the areas of bodybuilding and weight training. Duration: 15 to a maximum of 20 minutes.

The focus is on short, high-intensity training and recovery intervals. The aim is to bring the body to its performance limit during the short periods of exertion (and believe me, you can get there). According to current studies, it was even found that you lose significantly more body fat with HIIT training compared to classic muscle training.

Arrogance comes before the fall - in the truest sense of the word …

I was ready - but something! "14 minutes - you can do it easily" - my words from me to me. So out with the gymnastics mat and nothing like in my sports clothes! And when I watched the YouTube video for the first time, I still thought that what dear Caro was doing somehow looked so cozy. As it turned out in retrospect, that was a little overambitious …

During the first exercise I found out that my physical condition was beyond good and bad!After the first 40 seconds (by the way, every single exercise takes that long - with a 20-second break in between) I was panting on the floor - the sweat dripped directly from my forehead into my eyes, which led to severe burning and severe furrows. "Well, then you just skip the second exercise and go back to the third" - that's my grandiose plan and self-deception par excellence!

After another 60 seconds, after I still hadn't caught myself, I also had to skip half of the third exercise and struggled again with a mixture of sweat and tears in my eyes. In addition, my air supply was already maximally restricted at this point and I felt really bad … But giving up is not an option for me and I did the training - more badly than right.

Conclusion: absolutely recommendable

At some point the ordeal that I had to ascribe to myself came to an end (finally)! With a bright red head and bathed in sweat, I lay on my fitness mat, gasping for breath and couldn't believe HOW exhausting this workout was. And even if I was on the verge of spreading the delicious lunch burrito all over my mobile sports field several times between and during the individual exercises and the training destroyed me, I was still ambitious!

In the seven different exercises, almost all parts of the body, but above all the abdomen, legs and buttocks, are alternately trained. In addition, 14 minutes can be easily integrated into everyday life. You can do the training from home and don't have to drive all over town - something that keeps me personally from enrolling in any gym.

Caro moderates the training and emphasizes again and again that a clean execution of the individual exercises is super important and that it is not yet perfect either - which, in addition to the technical aspect, makes you incredibly personable! I did the training a few more times after that - and noticed relatively quickly that it actually got less and less bad every time. One thing I have to say honestly at this point: A certain basic level of fitness can in no way harm, so as not to throw in the towel in frustration after the first time! For everyone who is interested in trying out the HIIT training for themselves - you can go straight to the video above!

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