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We are in hula fever
We are in hula fever

The curvy model Angelina Kirsch does it. Hundreds of thousands of others too. You roll with the tire from our childhood. The great thing: It's good for fitness. You can find all information here.

We are in hula fever!
We are in hula fever!

A narrow tire that you can circle around your hips. As children, we could pass the time with it for hours. Now the hula hoop, which originally comes from Hawaii (hula is a Hawaiian dance, hoop means tire), celebrates a big comeback. Influencers and normal people hover or hoop their way through life on Instagram and in real life. Hashtags like #hulahoop, #hooplove or #hoopeverydamnday have hundreds of thousands of entries.

One who is fueling this trend massively is the German curvy model Angelina Kirsch. She regularly posts videos on her Insta account and shares her experiences. And there is the YouTube channel of the Germans Elli Hoop, the one with the hip circles slimmed down properly Has. What the two of them and everyone who has already tried emphasize: Hullern is really fun! We have everything you need to know about the trend.

Fitness booster

It's hard to imagine, but circling a hoop on your hips is one real workout. If you can do it for an hour, you can burn up to 800 calories. But it takes a while to get that far. First of all, it is important to learn the right technique. Hoop expert Angelina Kirsch recommends: "Hold the hoop at the waist, push it straight to the left or right. You have to try which side is the easier for you. Right-handers usually circle more easily to the left, left-handers more to the right. Then that Tense your stomach and let go."

By the way, you have to practice a little before it works properly. With Angelina it took at least two weeks for the tire to stay up in the long term. She also recommends no longer than three to five minutes to hoopand slowly increase the time. Because the skin first has to get used to the strain and pressure. If it is overused, it can cause bruises. Then be sure to pause until they are gone again. Those who are already practiced can also incorporate exercises such as squats or lungs or circling with their arms when hooping. So it becomes one proper full body training.

The right tire

In order for the Hullern to really work, the tire is crucial. The thin specimens from our childhood are only for really advanced users. Thicker ones are better and easier to use. You can order tires from 1.2 kg to 3.1 kg at or Many are corrugated on the inside, but there are also specimens with massage nubs. In general, the heavier the device (up to 2 kg), the easier it is to learn to circle. But it also depends on your own body weight. Up to 80 KiIo, the experts recommend a tire with 1.2 kg, from 100 kg the hoop should have 2 kg, for everyone in between 1.5 kg is ideal. By the way: the lighter the tire, the more you have to accelerate. So another comes great cardio effect to.

Tightening agents

A big advantage is the tightening effect of the tires. Because the pressure stimulates the blood circulation, this means that toxins stored in the tissue are better transported away. Tires with massage nubs reinforce this effect. Angelina Kirsch reports: "The skin can start to itch. But this primarily shows that the blood circulation is stimulated. You should only take a break when it starts to burn." Incidentally, it is also tight inside. Because tensing the middle trains the pelvic floor Perfect. Therefore it is also suitable as postnatal exercise after pregnancy. And now it's time to get started. The perfect soundtrack: Helene Fischer, Sarah Lombardi or Fergie.

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