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How do you recognize good protein shakes?
How do you recognize good protein shakes?

They are the big hit with sports enthusiasts! But: What do you have to look out for when buying protein powder? What are the differences? A fitness expert explains.

proteins, fitness
proteins, fitness

There are many myths surrounding protein shakes. Many sports enthusiasts incorporate them into their diet. They are of course not a must - a balanced diet is usually sufficient, but it is still a fast one easy way to provide the body with sufficient protein.

The preparation is uncomplicated - simply put the specified amount of the powder in a shaker or mixer and mix with water or (vegetable) milk. Optionally, you can take half of the water and half of the milk. To stay full longer and consume more vitamins, you can do one more Banana or frozen berries to be added.

With the huge range of fitness drinks on offer, it's not that easy to find the most suitable products for yourself. Many shakes contain too much sugar or unhealthy additives. Not exactly ideal for the healthy life that we all ultimately strive for. Hashtag, Healthy Living.

How do you recognize good protein shakes?

We asked Ivo Buchta, fitness trainer and founder of Shaped by iB. He and his team are currently working on their own shake bar for his studio - "Shaked by iB" - and therefore knows his way around very well.

"I focus primarily on the ingredients and, whenever possible, always ask where the products come from. It is important to me that they are organic, they were produced fairlyand contain no artificial sweeteners, "says Buchta. You should make sure that they come from a trustworthy manufacturer. Do not just order anywhere on the Internet, but first look at the brand. Of course, it is essential that the powder also tastes good. Many Brands offer smaller trial packages where you can taste your way through.

Keyword ingredients - what do you have to look out for in the composition?

It's easy to explain: little fat, little carbohydrates, but a lot of protein. Additives, artificial sweeteners should be avoided.

Are there different shakes for different sports goals?

Nowadays you can find countless providers who offer various types of shakes: Classic whey protein (whey protein), casein (milk protein) or plant-based alternatives (mostly made from a combination of pea, hemp, sunflower or soy proteins). There are also so-called shape shakes.


While the aforementioned powders are used purely as an extra source of protein, shape shakes are intended as meal replacements. Because of this, they contain sufficient macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat), vitamins and minerals. "I recommend taking a very close look at what ingredients the shakes are made from and how high the content of the macros is. Sugar should be avoided as much as possible, regardless of whether you want to gain weight or lose weight, "says Buchta.

In general, you should be particularly careful with products that are touted as "weight loss shakes". Even if you replace a meal with a (high quality!) Shape Shake every now and then, you can only lose weight healthily and sustainably with sufficient exercise and a healthy diet. Period.

When should you drink them? Immediately after exercising or after a certain amount of time?

"Opinions differ on this topic," says the fitness trainer. "I drink my shakes roughly 30 minutes after exercising and recommend it that way. The body is in a deficit after the workout because it clearly needed energy to cope with the exertion. They are ideal as a balance to quickly supply the body with the necessary nutrients again. "In addition, the muscles are most receptive shortly after training.

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