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Fit in ten minutes: your workout for in between
Fit in ten minutes: your workout for in between

Ten exercises in ten minutes. We have a sports program for you that is effective and quickly over.

Fit in ten minutes: your workout for in between
Fit in ten minutes: your workout for in between

"I would love to do something, but unfortunately I don't have the time!" - How often have you tried the classic when it comes to sports excuses? Often? We also! The only problem: This excuse no longer counts from now on. John Harris fitness trainer Roman Schindler put together a workout for us that lasts exactly ten minutes. Special focus on legs, buttocks and torso.

The ten-minute workout

Briefly about the process: Each of the ten exercises is repeated once - for 45 seconds. Before starting the next exercise, there is a 15-second break to take a breather.

1. Side step squats

Stand hip-width apart, toes pointing forward. Bend your knees so that your thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible. The core of the body remains tense. While crouching you now take a step to one side, then to the other side. Warning: don't lose tension!

2. Mountain climbers

We start in the push-up position or in the high plank. The hands are right under your shoulders, the whole body tense. With your feet hip-width apart, pull one knee towards the middle of your body towards your elbow. Back to the starting position. Then the second. The faster you switch legs, the more strenuous it becomes.

3. Side plank raises

Starting position: length of a page. Support yourself on your lower elbows, straighten your legs. Raise your hips as high as you can without twisting or tilting your body, and then lower them back to just below the floor. Hold the tension briefly at the highest and lowest point.

4. Plank

From the prone position, support your elbows on the floor. The forearms are parallel to the body. Important: Keep your neck straight and tense your entire body. Don't sag! You hold this position for the duration of the exercise. Hey, hey, don't sag, we said!;-)

5. Jumping lunges

It's the traditional lunge - just with more power and speed. Super good for balance and the cardiovascular system. With every jump you switch legs and land once with the left front, then again with the right. Always lower the back knee as low as possible.

6. Lower back extensions

Because of the similarity to the flying pose of a superhero, this exercise is also called "Superman": You lie on your stomach, your arms are stretched forward and your eyes are looking at the ground. By tensing the back and buttocks muscles, the legs, arms and the entire upper body are raised. This position is held for a few seconds before the body returns to the starting position.

7. Russian twists

You sit. But it is about to get uncomfortable, because: Lean back, hold both hands loosely in front of your chest. Rotate your upper body from the left to the right side and touch the floor with your fingers. The lower body does not move! Be careful not to work without momentum! For advanced users: Bend your legs and keep them in the air.

8. Glute bridges

Lie on your back and pull your heels towards you so that your lower legs are pointing straight up. Raise your pelvis as high as possible so that your back, buttocks, and thighs are as straight as possible. Important: Your buttocks remain tense throughout the exercise. It's like holding a piece of paper with it.

9. Crunches

We stay on our back and bend our legs again. Now you lift your upper body slightly off the floor and press your stomach together. Back and back again. In contrast to the sit-up, you don't go all the way up or straighten yourself completely.

10. Squats

It doesn't work without it! Squats are a must - if you want to get your body in really good shape. They train almost every muscle. What is important to pay attention to when performing the exercise: The knees should not fall inward when going down, the heels should remain on the ground. Also make sure to go down as far as possible ("ass to the grass") and make full use of your range of motion.

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