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Hiking equipment: five useful basics
Hiking equipment: five useful basics

Shoes, backpack, water bottle: what should you look out for when choosing the right hiking gear? And what do you have to include?

Basics, hiking equipment
Basics, hiking equipment

Too much, too little - one way or another it's annoying if something is missing while hiking or if you carry unnecessary weight with you. Here is a crisp checklist with five things that you should definitely have on your next excursion into nature.

1. Backpack

Well, it's hard without it. With linen bags, we will probably not travel miles through the landscape. Therefore: A good backpack is needed. And it should be able to do that: Have enough space for food, drink, a rain jacket, a change of clothes, … ready. Up to 30 liters are sufficient for day trips. It is also important that it fits well and that there is enough space to the back for air to circulate. Outside pockets, additional compartments and holders for extra equipment such as hiking sticks are also an advantage.

2. Shoes

If they don't fit, you have a problem! The main thing here is: Buy one or two sizes larger than an everyday shoe. It's best to try them in the evening because your feet are more swollen than in the morning after you get up. By the way, it also makes a big difference how often you hike and what your routes are. Other criteria that you should attach importance to: good cushioning, optimal support, breathable material and a removable sole.

3. Drinking bottle

Lots of capacity, little weight: these are the ideal conditions for the perfect hiking bottle. Stainless steel bottles have the advantage that they can keep both cold and heat for hours.

4. Jacket

The important thing here: Above all, it should protect against bad weather, be as breathable as possible and not weigh much. Together with a fleece vest for very cool temperatures, it is the ideal combination for hiking outfits.

5. Snacks

If you move around a lot, you quickly get hungry - of course. Muesli bars are great as a mini snack: they hardly need any space and provide enough energy - until you stop at the hut;-)

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