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5 tips for the summer beauty routine
5 tips for the summer beauty routine

Summer: That also means: new nail polishes, new lipsticks … why not new care products too? Which products you should use for summer skin.

5 tips for the summer beauty routine
5 tips for the summer beauty routine

Summersun! This is the moment when we try out new lipstick colors, new nail varnishes, new mascara (trendy like nothing: turquoise mascara!). Only our care, we leave it as always. Your skin deserves special attention in summer. That's why we bring a little clarity to the care-clutter.

What your summer care should look like:


Peeling! More important now than in winter: a good peeling to remove the dead skin cells. Not only to accelerate cell growth and stimulate the elasticity of your skin, but also to achieve the most even tan possible.


Oils. During the day it is better to use light textures that are not greasy. Nevertheless, you should treat your skin, which has been dried out by the summer heat, a little oil in the evening. Use it before you go to bed.


Gel formulas. For your face, light textures with a UV protection factor are now better than thick moisturizers. Fortunately, almost every beauty company now also offers its most popular care products in a gel formula.


Primer. Let it be your summer mantra: NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT A PRIMER. Because a matt primer permanently prevents your skin from having an ugly oily shine in summer.


Vaseline. Yes. You hear right Unfortunately, I had extremely dry skin on my legs, you could almost speak of flaky crocodile skin. Until I discovered an absolute miracle cure: the good old Vaseline, based only on water and oil. Since I've been putting a walnut-sized amount of Vaseline on my calves, the scales have closed again, my legs look well-moisturized and well-groomed. And it's also cheaper than other body lotions …

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