Body care plan
Body care plan

With our plan you can bring your skin to its best condition - with the right care you can do it!

Body care plan
Body care plan

Belly & waist

Our golden mean in particular often looks lush because of water retention. You can get rid of this with a few maintenance hacks, but discipline is the top priority. Daily massages to decongest and activate the skin are a must!

The ideal care: If you want to firm up the skin on your stomach and waist, you should prescribe a fitness program. But this does not mean the gym (although that never hurts), but special care goodies. 1st commandment: Purify and exfoliate. The well-tried coffee grounds scrub, which is currently hyped on Instagram, not only ensures soft skin, but also, thanks to the caffeine in it, dents-free skin. 2nd commandment: Always combine care with a plucking massage. The fingertips of the thumb and forefinger are used for this: quickly lift the skin between them and let go again. Ideally, carry out this until the complexion is slightly reddened - the body "works" and this pushes the blood circulation.

Additional help: When it comes to tightening the waist area, well-known methods are experiencing a revival. Algae baths and body wraps are very popular and have been redesigned with powerful ingredients. The popular body wraps, thanks to high-tech plant extracts and the warmth effect created by wrapping, help break down slag and reduce the size. Those who want to take action against stretch marks are well advised to use the "needling" method. Here the finest stitches are rolled into the skin with a needle roller. This allows the following active ingredients to penetrate deeply. In addition, the micro-injuries stimulate collagen production, which reduces cracks and streaks.


Arms, back & cleavage

With these tips you can turn your back and front view into an eye-catcher.

The ideal care: Small nasty impurities on the arms are mostly cornifications that can be easily peeled off with an electronic body brush. A then thickly applied clay mask pulls the last remainder of the impurities from the pore. Applied twice a week on all restless areas, the duo ensures clear skin over the long term. In the case of wrinkles, the program is exactly the opposite. We don't want to "pull" anything out of the skin, but rather add active ingredients to it. Creamy décolleté creams and masks quickly create a WOW! Effect, especially with deep lines on this thin-skinned area. A combination of hyaluronic acid (has a cushioning effect) and valuable oils (smoothes dryness wrinkles) is a top care product. Tip: Apply these goodies immediately after showering (always spread the cream upwards), the pores that are still open absorb the active ingredients very well.

Additional help: UV radiation, i.e. (unprotected) sun exposure, is the main reason for a wrinkled cleavage. If you look deeply, the area should be covered with sun protection. And watch out for sleep: side sleepers are also at risk of wrinkles. In any case, the needling method as well as peelings and laser treatments (now still feasible) ensure a flawless surface for the doctor.


Legs & buttocks

Cellulite and sagging buttocks don't look good in shorts, skirts or even bikinis. Just show your downside to dents and sagging buttocks. We'll put you in the best position!

The ideal care: Creams with special active ingredients loosen the deposited substances from the connective tissue. This is mainly besieged by toxins that we ingest through diet, medication or hormonal contraception. When applying lotion to the legs: Massage in the morning and evening with firm, circular movements upwards. Always start at your ankles and then massage the tissue up your knees and thighs to your hips.

Additional help: If you don't feel like doing a DIY massage, you can have a lymphatic drainage performed once a week. It works wonders for cellulite - just like an alkaline diet. For a crack but you have to do something yourself. Tip: Squats work!

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